The series breaks a historic record on Netflix

It has now been a month since The Lady’s Game can be viewed on the Netflix platform (since October 23, 2020, to be precise). Success was particularly evident at the rendezvous for this miniseries which garnered views and positive reviews. Let’s go back to this global success and the record that the Queen’s Gambit series recently set in the original version.

The game of checkers, the reasons for its success

The Lady’s Game is a miniseries adapted by Walter Tevis from the 1983 novel of the same name. Allan Scott and Scott Frank, executive producers of this miniseries, have left nothing to chance to guarantee its success. To hold on to reality, the famous chess teacher and trainer Bruce Pandolfini and master Garry Kasparov acted as technical advisers for the series. The chess games performed are all realistic. As evidence, one of the methods Beltik uses against Beth is to use a particular chess strategy known as the Caro-Kann Defense. A stroke that Beth didn’t know at the time and that learns it a little later. The defense of Caro-Kann is an opening in chess, which is indicated by moves 1. E4 c6 (you have to imagine the chessboard to represent these moves, like Beth). It’s similar to the Sicilian defense that Beth uses throughout the series.

When choosing the actors, the producers hit the nail on the head again. Harry Melling, the actor who plays Harry Beltik in The Lady’s Game, is internationally known for a very special role: that of Dudley Dursley in the Harry Potter film series. Thomas Brofie-Sangster (Benny Watts in the series) is best known for his roles in The Labyrinth (Newt), Nanny Mcphee (Simon Brown), Love Actually (Sam), Game of Thrones (Jojen Reed) or even Thunderbirds (John Tracy / Pirate Dobbs). Without forgetting, of course, Anya Taylor-Joy, who was approaching as one of Hollywood’s rising stars.

The choice of colors is also to be highlighted (they get lighter as Beth grows and emancipates), as is the choice of Beth’s outfits. We can indeed thank Gabriele Binder, the costume designer behind the outfits of the series, who wanted to transfer the chess spirit into the various dresses by Beth Harmon. Finally, in terms of music, Carlos Rafael Rivera’s compositions also make it possible to capture the mood of each scene, which is a real plus for a miniseries.

A real record on Netflix

Thanks to all of these strengths and details, The Lady’s Game has established itself in the Netflix trends. In just 28 short days, Beth Harmon chess games were watched by 62 million households around the world, a true record for a miniseries.

The record for a full-fledged series is currently in the hands of The Witcher, whose first season was viewed 76 million times. This is followed by the Casa de Papel (65 million times) and Stranger Things (64 million times). Within a month, Le Jeu de la Dame blew up the statistics. However, Netflix has decided: There won’t be a second season for this miniseries that respects its definition and that in itself is enough. According to The Independent, Internet search “chess” rose 273% between October 23 and November 2, according to The Independent. This year the gifts at the foot of the Christmas tree can have a checkerboard look. We can thank Beth.

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