The series about McNamara and the giant waves of Nazaré has been renewed on HBO

The series about McNamara and the Waves of Nazaré will have its second season

We will continue to pursue the record surfer and his teammates as they try to make the biggest waves possible.

The waves of Nazaré are the stars.

HBO announced on Monday, August 16, that it had renewed “The Great Wave of Nazareth” for a second season. As in the first chapter, we follow Garrett and Nicole McNamara, as well as other well-known players, as they get closer to their dream. In addition, the series will feature new big wave surfers who will team up to hit a giant wave in Nazaré.

“The Great Wave of Nazareth” was directed by award-winning filmmaker Chris Smith (“Tiger King”), who was also co-produced with Joe Lewis (“Fleabag”), and captures the decade-long odyssey of Garrett McNamara, who his visit to Nazaré, hoping to beat a 30-meter wave, took the sport to ever greater heights. Together with the locals, he helped turn the fishing village into a top surfing destination.

The first season, which opened on July 19, crossed the transformative history of the coastal village with the surfer as well as the insatiable thirst of athletes from all over the world for huge waves. In six episodes we have accompanied these athletes overcoming injuries and incidents in search of a shared dream.

The release date for the next chapter in this series is not yet known. While we wait, you can click the gallery to discover various TV news.

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