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The sequel to “Tu” will appear in Portuguese bookstores

The sequel to “Tu” will appear in Portuguese bookstores

The new chapter in the literary phenomenon of Caroline Kepnes will accompany Joe’s new life in Hollywood.

The adaptation is a success at Netflix.

Not many people know that “Tu”, one of Netflix’s greatest hits, is based on a book saga by Caroline Kepnes. Like the series, they follow Joe, a psychopath who is passionate about everything, including murder. The first book was already available in Portuguese bookstores and is now being followed by the sequel.

In “Hidden Bodies” the main character is the same, but the location changes. This time around, Joe travels to Hollywood, where he hopes to blend in well with the crowd after murdering and burying four people in a short period of time.

“Hidden Bodies: Here’s one thing Joe is no stranger to. In the past decade, in his early thirties, he has buried four bodies, collateral damage from his search for love. But now, on the way to Los Angeles, the city of second chances, he is determined to leave the past behind, ”says the synopsis.

A new relationship with Love Quinn begins in Los Angeles. Anyone who already knows Joe, of course, knows that thanks to the stalker behavior he has shown us before, he will not be without a good helping of obsession. Their relationship went well until, to his great surprise, a “ghost” from Joe’s past emerged alive.

The literary phenomenon that has been adapted to the screen already has two seasons (each one tells the story of one of the books). The third chapter could appear on the streaming platform later this year.

“Corpos Ocultos” will hit Portuguese bookstores on August 4th via Editorial Presença. It costs € 18.90. The publisher adds that the third book will be available in 2022.


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