The Seixal Street Art Festival returns in May

The Seixal Street Art Festival returns in May

The event will also include music and dance and this year’s curator will be Ivo Santos, better known as Smile.

Event aims to promote the history of the community

The “À Babuja – Street Art Festival of Seixal” will return to the streets of Seixal. The third edition of this event will take place between May 6th and 9th. This time everything is focused on Quinta do Cabral in Arrentela.

This year’s edition is curated by Ivo Santos, better known as Smile, and features artists invited by the community to perform six installations. The idea of ​​making the history and values ​​of the community known to young people through artistic expression remains.

This initiative will also incorporate Mural 18, a cultural platform that unites the 18 municipalities in the Lisbon metropolitan area. In addition to paintings and graffiti, there will be space for music, dance and workshops.

In previous editions of the festival, places such as the town market of Seixal or Praça 1.º de Maio were painted and artists such as Mosaik, Trafic, Mar and the duo Draw & Contra were invited.

By May, the community will take the opportunity to clean the labels on the walls, promote cleaning measures and distribute kits to residents to remove the smallest squiggles.

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