the secrets behind the fascinating door that no one can open

To accompany the launch of the PlayStation 5, Demon’s Souls enables gamers to tackle the beginnings of the Souls saga with the next-generation Sony console. A title that is nothing more than the highest rated game in the saga, exactly that. But this remake also has some secrets, like this door that won’t open. A real problem for the players.

a door that won’t open

Demon’s Souls is nothing more than a remake of the PS3 game of the same name from 2009. This remake is also full of new features. Among other things, a door that is behind an illusion wall and cannot be opened. Despite her multiple attempts, the door does not move and remains closed. The latter was unreleased and was missing from the original game, which was released more than a decade ago. A puzzle that has caught the interest of the most curious who are now trying to open it by all means.

Does anyone know how to open this door in 1-3? of r / demons

The door is located at 1-3 and is a reference to an Easter egg found in the Shadow of the Colossus remake, including the one developed by Bluepoint. However, one point counteracts this hypothesis: the presence of an object behind the door. By partially melting it into the hinges, skillfully moving the camera and activating the photo mode, a player was able to take a look at the location. A mysterious terrace where an unknown object is visible, just waiting to be recovered.

As stated by the investigating players, this door does not require a key. As with other doors in the From Software saga, it is possible that this door could open thanks to a certain interaction. But which one? There is no point in getting the platinum trophy, any more than killing all the enemies in the level. Wearing a certain set doesn’t change anything or run to the door while the level is being charged. Even so, a surfer seems to have an idea.

Like the remake “Shadow of the Colossus”, Bluepoint added gold coins to the remake “Demon’s Souls”. Without the original game, they can be consumed and offer various bonuses. However, it is possible for everyone’s possession to open the sealed door to see. A puzzle that the most patient players are likely to solve in the coming weeks.

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