The second season of the Mexican teen series has already appeared on Netflix.


“Control Z”: The second season of the Mexican teen series has already appeared on Netflix

A hacker will again play a prominent role in the story, who revenges him to reveal the secrets of the students.

It was a success in Portugal.

Not only the American and British series are successful worldwide. Latin productions have gained prominence, especially on streaming platforms. As an example we have “Elite”, “La Casa de Papel” or “Control Z” among others, which premiered its second season on Netflix this Wednesday, August 4th.

The first season of this Mexican series came out in May last year and was a success in Portugal. It was featured in the top 10 trends for several days and took first place on the podium. Described as a mixture of “Gossip Girl” and “Sex Education”, it takes place in a modern and wealthy school in the style of “Elite”. Like these references, “Control Z” plays teenage characters.

The story begins when an anonymous hacker reveals the dark, personal secrets of the school’s most popular students. Because of this new information, these young people will be humiliated and ridiculed while nerds become famous.

Sofia (Ana Valeria Becerril) is a lonely but very intelligent student with a penchant for detective work. She is the one who will race against the clock to find out who will unlock the secrets of the students at the Colégio Nacional before more rotten things come to light and the chaos in the school increases. During his mission, he makes new friends and even falls in love with Javier (Michael Ronda).

Season one left an open question: “Did Javier survive the shot?” It is certain that the new chapter in the Mexican series will answer that question – and many others that the first season left us.

Although last season’s hacker was caught, the problems remain as another digital pirate appears in the latest chapter of the project who, like the first, is unlocking the secrets of several students with the aim of avenging the late Luis (Luis Curiel) Complications from a fight provoked by the original villain.

“A new semester has started at the Colégio Nacional and it seems that everyone has forgotten what happened to Luis … until someone takes control of their social networks and begins to take revenge on all those who made their life hell . It’s up to Sofia again to find out the culprits, because every act of revenge intensifies and changes the characters’ lives forever, ”reveals the Netflix synopsis.

The second season of “Control Z” has eight episodes of around 40 minutes each. The cast includes names like Ana Valeria Becerril (Sofía), Michael Ronda (Javier), Yankel Stevan (Raúl), Ana Sofía Gática (Claudia), Rocío Verdejo (Nora), Rodrigo Cachero (Quintanilla), Luis Curiel (Luis) and Patricio Gallardo (Gerry), among others.

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