The second season of “Euphoria” has already premiered – and it promises to cause unrest


The second season of “Euphoria” has already premiered – and it promises to cause unrest

The first episode is now airing on HBO Portugal. Zendaya and Hunter Schäfer are back as Rue and Jules.

For around two and a half years, fans have been waiting for a new season of “Euphoria”, the HBO series that focuses on a group of teenagers and their problems with drugs, sex and gender identity, among other things.

This Monday, January 10th, the wait is finally over. The first of six episodes of the second season can now be seen on the HBO Portugal streaming platform. A new chapter is added to the catalog every week.

Rue (Zendaya) and Jules (Hunter Schafer) are finally together as lovers. But the path that awaits them will be difficult. “It’s very obvious that they love and care for each other very much, but maybe they don’t know how to put it at the right time,” Zendaya told Entertainment Weekly magazine.

“It’s pretty muddy in season two. They don’t really know what’s going on and I think Rue avoids interacting with Jules just because she’s in fear. “

Two special episodes of “Euphoria” were recorded and published during the pandemic. These chapters ensured that the romantic feelings between the two were mutual, but also showed that Rue has continued to use drugs since the night Jules dropped her off at the train station.

“We’re starting the story over with Rue’s relapse, and Jules has no idea,” says Hunter Schäfer about the same publication. “Rue feels like she can’t express her true feelings and love for Jules without this help,” adds Zendaya. “That’s the depressing aspect of their love story.”

A new character who will greatly influence the direction of the narrative is Elliot (played by musician Dominic Fike, here in his acting debut). “It’s a new kid who befriends Rue and Jules, but more so with Rue,” says Fike Entertainment Weekly. “It’s a stressful date. The whole relationship is very confusing, but there are easy moments and I think it brings a bit of humor. “

Zendaya believes Elliot could endanger Rue and Jules’ relationship, although this character is a novelty that adds value to season two. “It’s a nice addition to that triangle because it acts as a catalyst for so much that is going to happen, and without it, many of the changes these characters will face would not have happened.”

“You start the season by giving Rue everything she ever wanted. You have someone to do drugs with, you are in your relationship, and you are trying to keep both of them because you believe that is the best way to live. “

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