The SanDisk Ultra 128 GB microSD memory card receives a 45% discount


If you have a smartphone or tablet with a microSD memory port and you run out of space on your device, the solution is to invest in a good memory card like the SanDisk Ultra 128GB that is currently available at a discount.

SanDisk Ultra: a powerful and robust memory card

MicroSD cards are included in many devices, e.g. B. in mobile phones, tablets, mini-PCs (Raspberry Pi), sports cameras, drones and even in the Nintendo Switch. If you have one of these devices, the SanDisk Ultra 128GB card is for you.

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It offers pretty interesting performance as it can get up to 100Mbps when reading. It is also certified Class 10, U1, and has A1 homologation. It is perfect in the application area and can even film in Full HD.

This microSD card is not afraid of water, extreme temperatures, bumps and X-rays. It also has a 10 year guarantee!

Marketed around 30 euros, it is currently 17.50 euros or around 45% reduction. And if you want an M.2 SSD for your PC or laptop, we also have a lot to offer.

Why crack

Expand your storage at a low cost. Application performance 10 year guarantee

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