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The Samsung T7 external SSD also benefits from a nice discount on sale

If you want to take high-performance external storage with you, here is the Samsung T7, an external SSD that performs great given the price it displays during the winter sales.

Samsung T7: A powerful external SSD for transferring files

With the democratization of SSDs in recent years and the falling price of GB, it is now possible to have external SSDs to quickly transfer files from one computer to another.

The Samsung T7 offers very good speeds as it can read up to 1050 MB / s thanks to its USB-C to USB-C or USB-A connection. For example, you can use it on your Xbox One or PS4 console to easily and quickly expand storage without disassembling it.

In terms of design, it is housed in a small aluminum case that is shock resistant and weighs only 58 grams. The dimensions are 85mm long, 57mm wide and only 8mm thick, so you can slip them in your pocket like a smartphone.

The 500 GB model cost 139 euros, but was just being offered for 99.99 euros or 40 euros discount. We also have a good plan for an AMD Ryzen 5 processor if that tempts you.

3 good reasons for this

SSD speed USB-C compatible Very small footprint

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