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the royal family angry after season 4 of the Netflix series

The fourth season of The Crown has been available on Netflix since November 15 and takes place in the 1980s. Elizabeth II must face the Iron Lady in the person of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Prince Charles, meanwhile, faces a difficult marriage with Lady Diana Spencer. Events narrated on the series were nowhere near unanimous with the British royal family.

the grimaces of the royal family

However, if The Crown’s final season is successful with the public, it will be very poorly received by the royal family. Revelations from a Daily Mail newspaper shared on Twitter by British tabloid correspondent Emily Andrews.

Excl: Palaces anger at Crown’s new Netflix series ud83d udc51 The royals have never seen the “harmful lies” and misrepresentations on the lavish show before, but enough is enough … It’s, friends say, trolling on a Hollywood budget ‘&’ Fiction is presented as fact ‘… pic.twitter.com/cT3GSX8dVt

November 15, 2020

Until now, the Royals have never spoken out against the harmful lies and twists and turns of the lavish series, but too much is too much … The crown to them is “trolls on a Hollywood budget”. and presents fiction as fact.

The article also examines the scenario and causes a misrepresentation of certain characters that were highlighted this season 4. Indeed, Emily Andrews, who portrayed “Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles”, passes on to Emily Andrews near Buckingham Palace and they confirmed that some scenes were made up for entertainment purposes. ”

Revelations that assume the opposite of the words of the show runner of the series Peter Morgan. The latter had claimed in particular to have used the exchanges with relatives of the royal family to make of his creation a story that remains true to real events.

First information about the 5th season

A “controversy” that doesn’t seem to slow down the excitement of the Netflix series. Hardly season 4 released that season 5 is already revealed. Actress Imelda Staunto, to whom we owe Dolores Ombrage’s performance in the Harry Potter saga, succeeds Olivia Colman and will play Queen Elizabeth II in her sixties. She will also provide the answer to another Prince Philip, played by Jonathan Pryce, who recently starred in the Game of Thrones series and in the film Les Deux Papes. The series was intended to tell the story of the royal family in the 90s, marked by the tragic accident of Princess Diana.


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