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The Rock will not appear in the new “Furious Speed” films

It’s official: The Rock no longer appears in Furious Speed ​​films

Some fans had already hoped the actor would not return after being absent from the saga’s last project. Now it has even been confirmed.

Jason Statham will be able to work on the new films.

Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock, entered the Raging Speed ​​universe in 2011, where he played Luke Hobbs until 2019, the year Raging Speed: Hobbs & Shaw was released. However, fans began to suspect the actor’s absence after the release of the saga’s latest film – Furious Speed ​​9 – and speculation began that The Rock would not be part of the films again. Now it’s official: the actor has confirmed that he won’t be returning to the last two films from this universe.

“I wished you good luck in ‘Raging Speed ​​9’. Now I wish you the best of luck in ‘Furious Speed ​​10’ and ‘Furious Speed ​​11’ as well as in the other films in the saga that are shot without me, ”the actor reveals to“ The Hollywood Reporter ”.

To fill Dwayne Johnson’s place, Jason Statham is expected to return to play Deckard Shaw, one of Luke Hobbs’ friends, especially after he made a guest appearance on the latest “Raging Speed” film. “Everyone loves Jason. I want him to be part of the family, I want to trade with him. Who doesn’t want Jason in their movie? So we have to deal with it, but I’m sure he wants to be part of the project, ”explains Sung Kang, one of the actors who made most of the films for this world.


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