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The reopening of the cinemas is taking shape

This Wednesday, November 18th, both film professionals and distributors took part in a round table organized by Comscore and Le Film Français to discuss the possibility of reopening the cinemas, while following the speech of the director, the status becomes expected next week. And it looks like we can get back to the Dark Rooms earlier than planned.

On the way to an imminent reopening of dark rooms?

As the government works on a possible exit from this new narrowness and nears the Christmas break, film professionals are hoping to greet the public quickly. Therefore, if many thought the theaters would remain closed until the end of the year, the authorities would appear to be thinking with dealers and exhibitors about a possible reopening in mid-December.

The cinemas could reopen on December 9 or 16, which would make it possible to bring out the films planned or those that were successful before the relocation, but also to release new films for Christmas.

Two-stage programming

On the other hand, to avoid a bottleneck in programming in cinemas, the films on display would be divided into two waves, namely a new release of films that were already shown before the new restriction and then in a for the second time the novelties. According to the distributors of the films The Trolls 2, Goodbye Idiots and Max 30 Days, which reached nearly the million pre-delivery viewers, this new release could still attract audiences.

If cinemas are allowed to reopen at this point, a health log must continue to be worked on. Under what conditions can the rooms open to the public? Operators will certainly be limited in terms of the number of spectators in the room and juggle meeting schedules if a curfew is put in place instead of a restriction.

In the meantime, all options are on the table and the different scenarios are explored. What is reassuring for all moviegoers is that the government is considering reopening cinemas earlier than planned, but we have to wait for President Emmanuel Macron to intervene, followed by Prime Minister Jean Castex’s conference to clarify all the modalities for the sector define.


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