The real price of these 20 famous pop culture houses

The ramshackle Weasley’s house in the Harry Potter series, affectionately known as “the Burrow”, was meant to be emblematic of the family’s financial position, but if the construction were real Arthur Weasley’s paltry salary would certainly not be enough. Comparison site recently did a study of the size of the most famous pop culture houses and the price they would be in real life based on the region they are said to be in and the price per square meter (verifiable or hypothetical) listed in these regions. And the result is surprising.

1) The Terrier (Harry Potter) – $ 1.3 million

2) The Dursleys House (Harry Potter) – $ 495,000

More funny than it actually is, the Dursley’s house is way cheaper than the Weasley Terrier.

3) Monica’s Apartment (Friends) – $ 1.98 million

4) Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock) Apartment at 221B Baker Street – $ 3.4 million

5) Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) – $ 137 million

6) The Hargreeves Mansion (The Umbrella Academy) – $ 22 million

7) BoJack’s House (BoJack Horseman) – $ 6 million

8) Elsa’s Ice Castle (Frozen) – $ 3.5 million

9) The Addams Family Mansion (The Addams Family) – $ 2.8 million

10) Otis’ House (Sex Education) – $ 2.4 million

11) The McCallister House (Mom, I missed the plane) – $ 1.6 million

12) Bilbo’s House (The Lord of the Rings) – $ 1.5 million

13) The Murder House (American Horror Story Season 1) – $ 633,336

14) The Simpsons House (The Simpsons) – $ 483,516 *

15) Bowser’s Castle (Mario) – $ 4.3 million

16) The Croft Mansion (Tomb Raider) – $ 31.3 million

17) The Starting House (Pokémon Sword and Shield) Р$ 450,000

18) Joel’s House (The Last of Us Part II) – $ 600,000

19) The Spencer Mansion (Resident Evil) – $ 1.4 million

20) Largest Possible Home Purchased by Tom Nook (Animal Crossing) – $ 359,339

And you, what price would you never have guessed for these emblematic residences? We’ll let you answer this question in our comment area! If you also want to know more about the criteria that made it possible for these houses to receive a price set in reality (orientation, number of rooms, but also landscape and other elements), you can find the original study here.

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