The rare film with Nuno Lopes available to everyone (free)

The rare film with Nuno Lopes available to everyone (free)

Ivo Alexandre also has “Posto Advanced of Progress”. This is another edition of Quarantena Cinéfila by Medeia Filmes.

Nuno Lopes is one of the protagonists.

In March and April of last year when the first sentence was going on, Medeia Filmes organized a film quarantine where films were made available online for free for people to watch at home.

With a new prison sentence, Medeia, in collaboration with Leopardo Filmes, returns with a second edition of the initiative – starting on Monday, January 25th. The first phase of the program, which runs until February 11th, will focus on “rarities”.

One of them is “Posto Advanced do Progresso”, a film with Nuno Lopes and Ivo Alexandre (whom NiT recently interviewed about “Vikings”) directed by Hugo Vieira da Silva. It focuses on two colonizers who will manage one of the trading posts that Portugal still had in the former colonies in Africa in the 19th century – it’s an indirect adaptation of the Joseph Conrad story of the same name.

The program also includes “O Mundo no Arame”, a two-part mini-series by the German Rainer Werner Fassbinder; “Chantrapas” from the Georgian Otar Iosseliani; and “O Pequeno Quinquin”, mini-series by the French Bruno Dumont.

This first phase concludes with “Some Days in September,” the first Santiago Amigorena film produced by Paulo Branco and featuring a cast including John Turturro, Juliette Binoche and Nick Nolte.

Each film will be available for three days on the Medeia Filmes official website. Consult the respective data on the initiative page.

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