The questions that still need to be answered in the last season of “La Casa de Papel”

The questions that still need to be answered in the last season of “La Casa de Papel”

Less than a month to debut – and the group stays in the Bank of Spain.

They are still in the same place.

“La Casa de Papel” is coming to an end. Since the end of 2017, the Spanish series has become a worldwide phenomenon – so much so that Netflix acquired the production rights to the story from season three. The epic journey of the “pickers” ends in 2021.

The fifth and final season of the production is divided into two parts: the first premiere on September 3rd, the second on December 3rd. We already know that it will contain scenes from Lisbon (last year we took footage from the shoot in Bica).

If you can’t remember exactly where the story ended, NiT can help. The group stays within the Bank of Spain, during the fourth season there were no major developments in the plan – apart from solving unexpected problems – and in the end one more person entered the premises: Lisbon (who has been with the police all season).

It wasn’t a huge cliffhanger like at the end of the third when Nairobi was shot and bleeding. But the story ended openly: here are the questions the series has to answer for its fifth and final season.

What is Inspector Sierra going to do?

It’s, shall we say, the possible cliffhanger of the season four finale. Inspector Sierra was removed from the police station after uncovering all the tortures carried out in Rio with the consent of the Spanish government. But in the last scenes of the season, Sierra manages to find out the whereabouts of El Profesor. Will he arrest him and hand him over to the authorities for withdrawal? Is he angry and wants to destroy the group of attackers? By the way, read NiT’s article on Inspector Sierra’s crazy and provocative life.

Will Tamayo continue to lead the police operation?

After the disaster in public opinion over the behavior of the police and the successive defeats and failed attempts to stop the group, will Tamayo be able to continue the police operation from the tent in front of the Bank of Spain? Or could it be replaced with someone more cruel and ruthless?

Which love square is happening there?

“La Casa de Papel” always had a lot of action, yes, but also romantic relationships that helped us identify with the characters and make the narrative more emotional. This season four, Rio and Tokyo were split up, Denver and Stockholm got angry, there was some tension between Denver and “Maserati” Tokyo, and Rio and Stockholm seemed to get along very well, which led to jealousy in Denver. What will result from this is still unknown at the moment.

How will the group get out of the Bank of Spain?

Season four was essentially spent solving unforeseen and unexpected problems. So far we have not received much of a clue as to how the group will leave the Bank of Spain or when the time is right – we doubt it will soon, considering that Lisbon has only just arrived. At one point there was pressure to speed up the process of converting the gold bars into nuggets, but we don’t know what El Profesor’s grand plan is.

What will happen to Gandia?

Gandia has become the main public enemy this season. After Palermo encouraged him to break free, Gandía activated his professional assassin mode and began a kind of hunt inside the Bank of Spain. He eventually managed to kill Nairobi and then he was used by the group to deceive the police and keep Lisbon safe. Well that’s done, what will happen to Gandia? Do you get handcuffed again and do you remain a relevant character? Or are there other plans for him?

Will Nairobi appear in season five?

Nairobi may not have died at the beginning of season four, but was later murdered by Gandia. He was a fan favorite and like Berlin, there is an opportunity to appear in flashbacks in season five. On the other hand, the documentary “La Casa de Papel: El Fenómeno” shows the last scene of the actress Alba Flores in the recordings – and from the tone, the tears and the flowers it seems that it will really be the last one ever. There are many questions and we have to wait a few more weeks to get answers.

Also read the NiT article about the meeting of the singer and fado singer Buba Espinho with the actress Úrsula Corberó, who plays Tokyo in “La Casa de Papel”.

While you wait for the new season, click the gallery for more news from Netflix (and beyond).

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