The coronavirus pandemic will have severely affected the video game industry as well as many other industries. Several games have been postponed and the next generation consoles planned for this year are falling victim to low stock levels. Travel is limited due to containment measures and various government restrictions, such as Sony being forced to establish an atypical method of marketing in Japan.

leaving physical stores

So that the French players are insured, the PS5 can be delivered in the hexagon or withdrawn without contact with the various affected resellers. Unfortunately, other countries are not so lucky. This is the case in Japan, a country where gamers cannot buy their console in stores. Players who have pre-ordered their console will also need to contact their retailer to agree on a shipping method.

For the unfortunate ones who planned to wait until the PlayStation 5 launches to find one in stock, Sony urges them to keep an eye on retailers’ online inventory for one. Resellers who will not fail to communicate about their current and future inventory levels and the progress of the various restockings.

“At the moment, the spread of the coronavirus is still a problem. In order to protect consumers, dealers and employees, we therefore do not intend to hold events or sell the PS5 in stores when it is available, ”explains Sony in a blog post.

Japan is known for its lines that never end with every console start. However, given the current context, Sony preferred to opt for a different solution, that of security. Japanese gamers have no choice but to look through the inventory of the various vendors to try and get their hands on the next generation Japanese console.