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The protest against the Corona demands is driving many people into the streets – including extremists. The state does not want to stand by idly. Baden-W├╝rttemberg is the beginning.

Stuttgart (dpa) – The state office for the protection of the constitution in Baden-W├╝rttemberg is the first in Germany to observe the “lateral thinking” movement.

Home Secretary Thomas Strobl and President of Constitutional Protection Beate Bube announced in Stuttgart on Wednesday that there is “sufficiently weighty evidence of extremist efforts.” The state office assigns several protagonists in the movement of “lateral thinking” to the milieu of Reich citizens and self-administrators who deny the existence of the Federal Republic and deny democratic and constitutional structures.

“Thinking outside the box is against the basic liberal order,” said Strobl. The group has been taking to the streets for months against the state’s corona restrictions.

The Minister of the Interior explained that the sighting was primarily directed against the organizers of the Stuttgart group “lateral thinking 711” and their regional offshoots. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution’s scrutiny revealed that central actors are pursuing anti-constitutional efforts. It is a group of people “in the low double digit range”. In view of the organizers around founder Michael Ballweg, the minister said, “The epicenter of the phenomenon is the lateral thinking group 711 from Stuttgart.”

However, Strobl stressed that there was no “general suspicion” against people demonstrating against state-imposed corona restrictions. “Not every unpleasant statement evokes the protection of the constitution on the spot.” The CDU politician added, “Most protesters are not extremists.” But you should already see who is walking with them and what flags they are waving.

The president of constitutional protection, Bube, explained that ‘lateral thinking’ was specifically a network with other right-wing extremists and Reichs. As an example she cited a “working meeting” of the “lateral thinking” group with the prominent Reichsburger Peter Fitzek, who proclaimed his own “Kingdom of Germany”.

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