The program isn’t over yet, but we’ve already seen everything there was to see in Hell’s Kitchen.


The program isn’t over yet, but we’ve already seen everything there was to see in Hell’s Kitchen.

Will we not be able to change channels in the next five episodes without new ideas and without a card until the finale?

And today’s dish is … more of the same

More than in the middle of the first season, there were few or no viewers who did not yet know what would happen at the end of the program. From the competition there was little doubt who was cut to show Ljubomir Stanisic that they would have a place in his kitchen.

However, even before the eighth episode was broadcast, the first messages had leaked, and that resulted in the competitors reaching the finals and even who was the big winner of the program – whose recordings were already finished. And the question that arises is: Was anyone surprised?

Revelation is just one of the many sins of a program whose adaptation has not been happy at all. Stanisic is invulnerable: he is the heart of the program and the only one responsible for making all viewers addicted.

“Hell’s Kitchen” is too long. Each episode would give you time to watch the big Oscar winner with two breaks to go to the bathroom and still make a nice toasted mixed toast.

Not only is it twice as long as the original program, but that extra time is spent on unnecessary things. Do yourself a favor and don’t throw a beer at us to accompany a crème brulée. Nobody felt comfortable: not even the customer who needed a telepoint to ask a simple question; still the waiter turned into Manuel Luís Goucha of beers; nor the audience. In the middle a dance show in the middle of the restaurant room. After all, “Hell’s Kitchen” is a variety show.

And to talk about discomfort: the national version of the program wanted to be innovative and create two cooking tables, one in each kitchen. But instead of using them to bring in household names from the kitchen, experts, people who could make a quality contribution, made a lottery in the station’s catalog of famous faces. To see famous people photographing food, we already have Instagram.

VIP tables are animation – or not

Back to the eighth and final episode, the formula is repeated as many times and as many times as the excuses Stanisic must find in any program to threaten someone with immediate expulsion. It’s an exhausting and exhausting format after seven weeks – and another five.

There’s nothing worse than predictable competition, and to stay true to the latest rumors, any more attentive viewer could predict what would happen without the help of bombastic revelations.

It is more than obvious that Francisca is one of the best prepared competitors to face the challenges. It was before the first dish was cooked. It was chosen for this.

On the other hand, Lucas also showed above-average qualities among the competitors – luckily it is a competition in which culinary skills are rewarded and not eloquence, otherwise he would be doomed to failure – and he will certainly be one of the big finalists.

The big question that arises is: What else is keeping us in “Hell’s Kitchen”? Is it still worth devoting more than seven hours of our lives to a competition that seems to have run out of ideas in the middle of the race?

Between blatant advertisements, repetitive services, and land spent, how much more freight from Cândida do we have to endure? – and now that a final is being announced in advance, will Stanisic’s bad mood make everything exciting enough until the end? Call João: I’m sure he’ll have an excuse on his tongue.