The producers of “The Wire” will be creating a new series in Baltimore

The producers of “The Wire” will be creating a new series in Baltimore

It will focus on police corruption and is an adaptation of a book. The production will debut on HBO.

“The Wire” debuted in 2002.

“The Wire” debuted in 2002 and quickly became one of the most respected television series of all time – at a time when television was still a smaller industry compared to cinema. After the success, producer David Simon created other series for HBO, such as “The Deuce”, “The Plot Against America” ​​and “Show Me A Hero”.

Now David Simon meets with producer George Pelecanos, who also worked on “The Wire”, to return to the streets of Baltimore with a new series. It will be an adaptation of the book We Own This City: A True Story of Crime, Police and Corruption by journalist Justin Fenton, which deals with police corruption in the American city.

It will be a miniseries and castings defining the cast have already started – although there are no confirmed names yet. The story takes place in 2015, at a time when the city is going through a difficult period after a young black man died under suspicious circumstances while in police custody. Drug trafficking and violent crime are on the rise, while the city will see more murders for two decades in a year.

The city council wants to take action and puts a new man with a special unit in front of the police authorities. But this man, instead of trying to resolve the city’s drug and arms crisis, ultimately takes advantage of it. Over the course of several years, this corrupt team planted false evidence, stole thousands of dollars from private homes, and acted on the wrong side of the law, resulting in numerous wrongdoings and at least two suspicious deaths.

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