The producer is currently working on a shocking new miniseries

We know that The Lady’s Game is the miniseries that has marked 2020 the most and for sure in recent years. Clever, this miniseries captured its audience in record time on Netflix, and viewers still praise its virtues today. However, the show’s producer Scott Frank just announced he’s already working on a brand new miniseries that we hope will be of the same caliber.

The success of the Lady’s Game

The Lady’s Game is a miniseries adapted by Walter Tevis from the 1983 novel of the same name. Allan Scott and Scott Frank, executive producers of this miniseries, have left nothing to chance to guarantee its success.

The success there was such that the miniseries set a record. In just 28 short days, Beth Harmon’s chess games were viewed by 62 million households around the world, a true record for a miniseries on the Netflix platform. This brought Scott Frank to the forefront of the international scene, who already had a good track record.

The new mini-series is created

Scott Frank is building on his success with The Lady’s Game and certainly doesn’t plan to stop there. He’s already working on a brand new miniseries. His next project was entrusted to him directly by FX. Scott Franck is therefore at the head of a brand new original production that moves away from Lady’s Game, as it is an adaptation of the novel Le Moineau de Dieu (The Sparrow in VO) by author Mary Doria Russell (1996).

The Sparrow of God is a work that tells the story of the Jesuit priest Emilio Sandoz, who was sent on a mission with his team to find the source of a mysterious signal. He is a senior linguist who will be in contact with aliens for the first time. Back from his mission, Emilio Sandoz is the only survivor, and he is quickly brought to justice to face the dire allegations he is made on. Is he responsible for the terrible crimes that he is charged with? After his experience with aliens, is it possible that God has abandoned him? And can he also believe in the Church? It must be said that the members of his team were preparing to die, and a worse fate was reserved for them.

In order for this large project to see the light of day in the best of conditions, Scott Frank surrounded himself with the best, particularly Johan Renck, a director known for filming episodes of Breaking Bad and the acclaimed series. by critics, Chernobyl.

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