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The prices for Windows 10 and the Office suite are melting this month of March 2021

With the never-ending coronavirus pandemic, teleworking has largely been democratized. Many employees are confined to their homes and hygiene measures are required. Unfortunately, the setup can leave a lot to be desired for many. In order to optimize the security of your system, it is important to be up to date with both your operating system and the software you are using. And that’s a good thing, they see their prices drop.

Ever more attractive prices

The Godeal24 platform regularly lowers the prices of its product keys. The opportunity for lovers of interesting products at low prices to feast without breaking the wallet. And that’s a good thing, prices are currently in free fall. To lower prices even further, there are several promotional codes. Thanks to the code “GOLE51” you will benefit from a 51% reduction in the following products, so you can find:

But this promotional code didn’t come alone and was accompanied by a friend. Use the code “GOLE66” to benefit from a 66% discount compared to the 2016 edition of the Office suite or 60% compared to the 2019 edition. In any case, with this code you can find:

The promotions don’t stop there as a third promotional code goes into the dance. The code “GOLE55” gives you a 55% discount on the products listed below. A code that will help you find:


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