The political debate on civil protection gets underway | free press


Berlin (dpa) – As the situation in the flood plains calms down, the political debate about disaster impacts and climate protection is gaining momentum.

Chancellor candidate of the Greens, Annalena Baerbock, called for a greater coordinating role for the federal government in supra-regional disasters such as floods or forest fires. “The second point is that we need climate adaptation measures,” she told the morning magazine ARD. CSU boss Markus Söder also called for more efforts in the program: “We need a climate shock in Germany.” There is also criticism of civil protection from, for example, the FDP.

Ask for an agency that bundles everything

In “Spiegel,” Baerbock said, “Help only works when everything works together. That calls for an authority that joins forces and pulls helicopters or special equipment from all over Germany or neighboring EU countries as quickly as possible.” She spoke about faster coordination between the different levels and actors. This is especially true. for events that affect several federal states or that can no longer be handled by the regional emergency services. “For this, the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief must be equipped with a central office function, as we know from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for police work.”

In the ARD, the Green Chancellor candidate said that the warning chains also needed to be improved. And cities must be rebuilt, rivers must be given more space. “This is not an either/or between climate protection, climate adaptation and climate protection, but a triad that is actually decided in exactly the same way in all climate protection agreements around the world.” In the newspaper “Spiegel” she asked the CDU to give up its opposition to a strict construction ban in flood areas.

Warnings not communicated in time?

FDP party chairman Michael Theurer sees serious shortcomings in civil protection. “The meteorologists’ timely warnings have not been adequately communicated to citizens by the authorities nor by the public broadcasters,” he told the German news agency. “The picture is of a significant system failure for which the Federal Interior Minister Seehofer bears direct personal responsibility.” Federal Economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) also called on “The right questions” in the political talk “Bild live” on Sunday to clarify whether the disaster relief system had worked sufficiently. It’s not about assigning blame.

The chairman of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, Armin Schuster, said on Deutschlandfunk that she is currently in the “Rescue, recovery, shelter, etc.” phase. located. I have even practically forbidden my employees to criticize maneuvers. We’re helping now.” A mix of warning devices is needed from different methods, purely digital warnings are not the right way. “And that’s why we want the good old siren back.” With a financing program of 90 million euros, sirens must work together with the federal states be reinstalled ‘in all the right places’ “The 90 million won’t be enough. It won’t be soon. “This is a multi-year project.”

Bavarian Prime Minister Söder issued a government statement on Wednesday. It’s not just about defining goals, but also supporting them financially with a climate program, he said in the “Morgenmagazin”. Climate protection is not an ideological issue, but a matter of reason and ethics. It is about protecting the homeland more strongly and thinking about which world one wants to hand over to children and grandchildren.