The PlayStation Plus will be absolutely necessary for the unfortunate


The days go by and the launch date for the PlayStation 5 is getting closer. A few days before the fateful date, the bad news for the Sony console multiplies. And since the added memory is not available at startup, it’s your turn to save the game to see the worst.

Another bad news

While many media and other influencers have been able to comment on their first two weeks alongside the PlayStation 5, Sony’s next-gen console continues to bring bad news. As Polygon indicates, the PlayStation Plus is mandatory if you want to have an archive of your game stores. You will not be able to save your duplicates on external devices as the option is not there.

However, the option available on PlayStation 4 is missing on PlayStation 5. Then why? To make the PlayStation Plus stand out, it seems. Unfortunately, archiving in the cloud has complications, e.g. B. a constant connection to the Internet. Creating duplicates on external devices isn’t the only thing Sony doesn’t allow. Among other things, it is also impossible to transfer entire games to external devices.

While it’s no surprise the Japanese manufacturer doesn’t allow players to play their titles directly from external storage, it would be nice to be able to use them as direct storage, especially given the speed of the game. Read and write console. To make room, you’ll need to delete your games entirely before downloading them again later if you want to play them again.

For the backups, you need to take over the PlayStation Plus and its subscription to create a duplicate. It remains to be seen if this option will appear at some point after a future update. What is certain, however, is that the players cannot archive their scores on an external device when they start.