The playing card would have leaked and it’s gigantic!


Seven years after GTA V was released, the sixth installment of the license is still long overdue and fans are getting impatient. We learn today that a map of the game was leaked …

Back to Vice City?

GTA VI is expected for the horizon 2023 and continues to arouse the impatience and curiosity of fans desperately waiting for the slightest information. Unfortunately, information is scarce. And when we hear about the game, we often hear that this or that studio would try to sign an exclusive contract with Rockstar Games.

In March 2018 we rounded up the rumors for you, some of the most serious rumors regarding this sixth Grand Theft Auto. But today we learn that a map of the upcoming game was leaked on imgur.

Obviously, this information should be taken with caution. This isn’t the first time a smart kid has fun creating fake GTA VI map leaks. In December 2018, another suspected GTA VI map leak was published on imgur. If the possible leak we’re talking about today is actually a reproduction of the GTA VI map, it would confirm a very popular theory: the game would take place in Vice City.

In addition, internet users have found that the island of the leak looks like the island in the lower right in 2018. Would the last leak confirm the accuracy of the previous one? If so, then the card would be really gigantic. We will of course keep you informed of the next GTA VI rumors and announcements.