The plastic artist Julião Sarmento has died

The plastic artist Julião Sarmento has died

I was 72 years old and I was fighting cancer.

He didn’t resist cancer.

Júlião Sarmento, one of the most famous Portuguese plastic artists, died of cancer at the age of 72 and is promoting “SIC Notícias” this Tuesday, May 4th.

Born in Lisbon on November 4, 1948, the artist studied fine arts in the capital and began his career in the 1970s. In 1997 he represented Portugal at the Venice Biennale. Over the years he has worked with painting, sculpture, video and photography, among other things.

During his career, Júlião Sarmento has exhibited his work all over the world. There have been solo or collective exhibitions in various countries for almost five decades.

The most recent exhibitions in Portugal, which included his work, were in Chaves, the Nadir Afonso Museum of Contemporary Art, the Águeda Arts Center, and the Oliva Art Center in São João da Madeira, Portugal.

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