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The petition is sky high for returning to franchises other than Fantastic Beasts

A petition regarding Johnny Depp is re-engaging internet users and unlike the news of the past few days, it does not affect Fantastic Beasts in any way. We invite you to discover the said petition and to form your own opinion on the subject.

Johnny Depp’s performance

We must first return to the emblematic performance of Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise to understand the stakes of the petition we bring you below. Johnny Depp’s appearance in the franchise has been an important factor in the success of the films he has appeared in since 2003. Young audiences discovered or rediscovered this actor, which revived his career. This even earned him his first Oscar nomination for best actor in 2003.

However, the famous franchise was disappointed with the opus Pirates of the Caribbean: The Revenge of Salazar (Dead Tell No Tales in VO), which includes new characters and which has been criticized for its tortuous story. Disney then announced that the franchise would see a sixth film that would not feature Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow, which re-started the internet debate. For many, the heart of Pirates of the Caribbean is Captain Jack Sparrow, played by the actor, and not someone else.

The successful petition

We had already mentioned in a previous article a first renewed interest in the petition, which was published on the Change.org website two years ago. It is titled “We want Johnny Depp to return as Captain Jack Sparrow”. The description in this petition reads:

Johnny Depp recently subscribed to his position as Captain Jack Sparrow. (…) He has been playing this role since 2003 when we first saw him arrive in his boat in Port Royal with his epic background music. Can you imagine someone else taking on that role for them? Or that Jack Sparrow no longer exists? Disney is restarting the franchise because of its previous box office, but they don’t know they will go down without Johnny Depp or Jack Sparrow (…). You have to bring him back to rule the seas again or we will never see a movie about Pirates of the Caribbean without our captain.

This petition is currently experiencing a major resurgence of interest, particularly following the announcement of the firing of Johnny Depp from Fantastic Beasts. In fact, this petition has just reached 300,000 signatories and the scores continue to grow as this article is written. The petition’s next goal is to get the 500,000 signatures, and it could potentially be if the excitement doesn’t let up. Regarding the Disney studio, according to narrow sources, the latter had said he was ready to change his mind and possibly reinstate the actor, but only to complete his character’s narrative arc (and therefore likely kill him). . However, these are just rumors and it is unclear what would be best.


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