The pearls of the bin 2021 have fallen, Cristiano Ronaldo and the pandas in the spotlight


As every year, we invite you to discover the most beautiful pearls of the Bac that you do not see coming and that overwhelm you with laughter (or, conversely, make you cry). If you have already consulted last year’s pearls, we invite you to discover the pearls of 2021 that are real little nuggets again. Let us also remember that the pearls of the bin are not always mistakes or sentences worth a dotted zero; sometimes it’s just little twists and turns or simple anecdotes that make a proofreader smile.

Question “Are we responsible for the future?”

1) “We should ask Mike Brant, ‘Who will know’.”

2) “But you know, I don’t think there is a good or a bad situation. I, if I had to sum up my life with you today, I would say that it is primarily meetings, people who hold their hands to me, maybe at a time when I couldn’t, when I was home alone, and it’s strange to think that chances, encounters forge a fate … Because if we have taste, if we have a taste for something well done, the beautiful gesture, sometimes we do not find the person we are talking to, I would say the mirror that helps one to move forward. This is not my case, as I said there, because on the contrary, I could ; and I thank life, I say thank you, I sing about life, I dance about life … I’m just ‘love! And finally, when many people say to me today: “But how do you manage this To have humanity? ”Well, I answer them very simply, I tell them that it is This taste of love is, this taste that drove me today to make a mechanical construction, but tomorrow, who knows, maybe just to put myself in the service of the community, to make the donation, the gift of myself … “

3) “When man faces a panda, the forces of nature want the panda to win because he is bigger and stronger, so there is dominance – dominates. But man is responsible for his future, for his survival., Knows anticipate and will immediately use a weapon. And so he will win. “

4) “Take the example of Cristiano Ronaldo, all the best specialists in the world agree that he is an artist who has mastered his work.”

5) “Our agency can be destroyed before the rainbow of our emotions.”

6) “In order to live in joy and fat alley, one must make sacrifices.”

7) “Happiness is won. As the philosopher Nicolas Sarkozy said:” There is no pleasure without effort “.

Question “Does the unconscious elude any form of knowledge?”

1) “Yes, the unconscious eludes any form of knowledge. Personally, it does not speak to me at all.”

2) “I have more ink.” (One student wrote at the end of his copy that he had run out of ink in his fountain pen, so he had to leave it there).

3) “Existentialism is rheumatism.”

4) “I want to cite a reference here, but I only have two for the entire assignment, so I’ll save them for later.”

Question “Discussing means renouncing violence?”

1) “Reason cannot be right in everything, it’s just that in the end no one is right and everyone dies.”

2) “The laws are the same for everyone, whether you are bald, hairy, thin or short.”

3) “Let’s not forget the saying: Talk is money, but silence rests.”

4) “Defamation spreads like an octopus trail.”

5) “In some cases, our tormentors are open to discussion and everything goes smoothly. When not, there are toll-free numbers to help people in pain speak from their hearts.”

The pearls that teachers picked up without specifying the subject

1) a passage that we still haven’t understood

France, what are you doing with your children?

Extract from a copy of bac in 2021, among hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands alike.
Shame on those who let it go, those who look elsewhere, those who laugh.
It’s about thinking and getting up.

June 25, 2021

2) The student who thanks the teacher without knowing his identity

3) Cuál es la fecha dé oy?

I have my genius of the day!

– ¿Cuál is the capital of Spain?
– Argentina

Here it is #PerlesDuBac

May 18, 2021

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