The output could be direct to Disney +

Many films have had their release date postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which is spreading around the world. The virus affects both studios and cinemas. Last month we learned that Disney had decided to postpone the release of Black Widow until 2021 when many productions saw their future shift to streaming platforms. A choice that doesn’t seem to meet investor expectations, as is the case with Dan Loeb, who believes Disney should have preferred its Disney + platform for this long-awaited blockbuster.

Disney didn’t choose the right strategy

In an interview with Variety, Loeb explains that this type of film like Black Widow would be a great opportunity for the big-eared group against their competitors like Netflix. According to the financier, if Disney did decide to offer the next Marvel on its streaming platform, it would attract more subscribers, and therefore more profits, if the group opted for identical access to what it was suggested for Mulans Live -Action remake:

These movies can generate tremendous value when played on a subscription model that has been adopted by everyone from Microsoft to Amazon.

For Dan Loeb, this new approach to film means trouble-free profitability.

In addition, strengthening the subscriber base, as is the case with Netflix, for example, makes it possible to invest in more content and thus attract even more subscribers. Apart from the fact that for Dan Loeb “Disney is not there yet” and Disney has to react quickly and achieve “a critical mass in its subscriber base”, since the Disney studio would be clearly disadvantaged compared to Netflix.

If Disney had chosen this strategy, the American group would no doubt have seen their subscriber numbers skyrocket, other than the important thing to emphasize that if this practice continued, it is the future. Cinemas that would be in danger.

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