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The Oscar-winning film may never have seen the light of day because of this man

Todd Phillips’ Joker was released over a year ago and was a huge hit around the world, but the film may never have seen the light of day. During production, the director found himself with sticks in his wheels to prevent his film from being released.

A winning bet

Warner Bros. has been at the center of the news since the studio announced it was planning to release its next films direct on HBO Max at the same time as theaters. A decision that provoked many outcasts in Hollywood. Christopher Nolan and other directors have singled out Warner’s decision and expressed their displeasure. By deciphering the subject, The Hollywood Reporter reveals today that an executive at Warner ensured that the movie Joker didn’t see the light of day.

Toby Emmerich, the current president of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, wasn’t a fan of Todd Phillips’ Joker Project. Then he decided to cut the film’s budget to discourage the director. The man behind the camera didn’t give up and Emmerich made the decision to share the production costs with another company. The idea was to limit the damage in the event that Joker flopped in the cinema. Fortunately, Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix could count on the support of Blair Rich, Warner’s marketing president, who really believed in the film.

In the end, they were right to hold their own against the President of Warner as the film was a real hit, grossing over a billion dollars at the box office and winning two Academy Awards. Toby Emmerich is certainly aware of his mistake and it is not for nothing that the sequels of Joker are discussed today.

By the way, you may not have known, but Jared Leto himself tried to cancel the film.


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