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The origin of the scar that led Michael K. Williams to the top – and which he never wanted to take away

The origin of the scar that led Michael K. Williams to the top – and which he never wanted to take away

At the age of 25 he was injured in a fight. Even though he had disfigured him, the scar also offered him a great career opportunity.

It was a life-changing moment – and traits – of Michael K. Williams, for better or for worse. Until one fateful night in Queens, New York, Williams was just a dancer with little fame, used to nothing but the role of the extras in music videos. Halfway through the party, he decided to take a breath and noticed that two of his friends were surrounded by strangers.

“I screamed that we were ready to go, that we were going. But one of the guys always followed me, followed me like he was sucking his teeth, ”he said in an interview with“ NPR ”. When he turned to ask what was going on, everything happened in a flash. “He put his hand over his mouth and hit me, but I realized he had spat out a blade,” Williams said. “It hit me and it hit me. It was the first blow of the fight. “

The huge scar that runs across his face has become the trademark of the actor who shone on “The Wire” and died this Monday, September 6th, for reasons unknown. The actor was 54 years old.

It is known that this tragic night would shape his life and that the injury would bring her good chances despite everything. “Everything changed after that,” Williams revealed. “They didn’t want me to dance in videos anymore. They wanted me to play heavy roles. And I said yes. “

He was personally chosen by legendary rapper Tupac Shakur to play the role of his younger brother in the movie “Bullet”. Despite the new proposals, it continued to live in trouble.

After a few supporting roles in “The Sopranos” and “Law & Order” came the big chance. They wanted him to act out the tough guy in Baltimore’s rough neighborhood. Fortunately for you, the character had all of the qualities inherent in roles that shape generations – and the series was going to be an absolute hit.

He took on the role of Omar Little, the thief who stole the shotgun dealer. At the same time, on his private side, Little was warm, friendly, and hid another unlikely quality on epic television: he was gay.

“This role changed my life. That was my big chance, ”he confessed.

In 2011, he announced that he had undergone plastic surgery on the scar without removing it. It remained clearly visible on her face. He did this to prevent abnormal growth and depigmentation.

When asked if he had ever thought of removing it permanently, he stated that he had never thought about it. “When it happened, I had to move to be eligible for plastic surgery. I didn’t have health insurance at the time, so he just gave me a couple of stitches. That was my only concern, ”he explained. But if you can, would it erase the scar? “Not.”

“It’s part of me. I’ve got used to it, ”he confessed. “It’s a way of reminding me how irresponsible I can be. I went to a bar feeding something that I would probably have ignored if I had been sober. You gave me what I was looking for. “


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