The open-air cinema is back in Parque Mayer – and entry is free

The open-air cinema returns to Lisbon next week – and entry is free

The Parque Mayer film cycle is full of comedies and touching stories.

Laughter is guaranteed.

The parish of Santo António in Lisbon is celebrating summer again from August 6th to 28th with an open-air cinema cycle in Parque Mayer next to Avenida da Liberdade. The sessions have free entry and take place on Fridays and Saturdays.

“Our last summer in Scotland” with David Tennant and Rosamund Pike was selected as the film for the first day of the event. The comedy story follows a large family’s trip to Scotland, where they visit a relative who is dying of cancer. However, Doug and Abi (the parents) are keeping a secret from everyone: They are in the middle of a controversial divorce.

On August 7th, we can watch “The Fabulous Gilly Hopkins,” a film about an undisciplined young woman jumping from house to house in the adoption system. Your goal is to find Courtney, your beautiful and glamorous birth mother. When he joins a family of the strangest there is, he finds his task more difficult. Between this new lifestyle and the love of the matriarch of this house, Gilly begins to think twice about her plan. Kathy Bates, Octavia Spencer and Glenn Close are part of the cast.

The following weekend starts on August 13th with Simon Pegg on Absolutely Anything: An Intergalactic Comedy. Here a group of eccentric aliens gives a man the power to do whatever he wants in an experience. The film “Or Nadas ou Afundas” was selected for Saturday, a French dramatic comedy about a group of men who decide to start a synchronized swimming team.

The film “Acerta o Passo” will take place on August 20th. When Sandra Abbott finds out that her husband is in a relationship with her best friend, she leaves everything and moves in with her sister Bif. To cheer her up, Bif persuades her to take dance classes at the neighborhood center. Sandra will establish new relationships there and regain her zest for life. On August 21st, “Hector and the Quest for Happiness” will join us. This 2014 comedy tells the story of a psychiatrist who struggles with existential doubts, gives up his monotonous life and embarks on a journey around the world.

On the last weekend of the open-air cinema cycle we will be able to see “Não Incomodar” and “Quo Vado ou Já Foste”. The first film tells of a family man who just wants to hear a rare album that he has bought. The problem is, everyone around him decides to bother him right now. In order to escape all these ridiculous situations, the man invents all kinds of excuses and lies. “Quo Vado ou Já Foste”, on the other hand, follows a man in his thirties who has never overcome a difficulty in life. With his job threatened with extinction, Checco goes to a research center in the North Pole where he meets a woman who is changing his lifestyle.

The exhibitions always start at 9 p.m., admission is free, but limited to available spaces.

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