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The North American side considers “Until Life Do Us Part” a series not to be missed

The North American side considers “Until Life Do Us Part” a series not to be missed

The national production premiered on RTP in February 2021. A year later she came on Netflix and was already recommended by “Decider”.

As of February 10, Netflix’s more than 203 million subscribers worldwide can watch the RTP series Até Que a Vida Nos Separe. The dramatic comedy directed by Manuel Pureza and written by Tiago R. Santos, Hugo Gonçalves and João Tordo is the first non-original Portuguese production of the streaming platform to integrate its catalogue. Success was immediate, and the Decider website was lavish with praise. Between “Stream It or Skip It?” the first option was recommended.

The eight-episode narrative revolves around the Paixão family, who organize weddings on their farm. In this story we mainly follow three generations, all with different perspectives on love and the institution of marriage – at the same time a divorce process takes place.

The American publication highlighted the fact that the producers “decided to introduce us to the family in a way that revealed their individual stories before it all got mixed up at the end of the first episode.” “The result is a narrative that allows you to get information little by little, unlike in other series,” he points out.

The site also notes that “although it starts out on a slightly depressing tone, it hits all the right emotional tones due to the engaging performances by Rita Loureiro and Dinarte Branco.” Decider said of Madalena Almeida that she was a “sleeping star”.

José Peixoto, Henriqueta Maya, Diogo Martins, Albano Jerónimo, Teresa Tavares and José Mata are other names participating in the series that NiT saw as one of the best of 2021. It is the result of a collaboration between the public broadcaster and producer Coyote Vadio.


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