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The nominees list reveals, it’s up to you to vote for your game of the year

Geoff Keighley gives us an appointment at the Game Awards every year to discover the game that has shaped the current year the most. 30 categories, 5 nominated at least per category, enough to give those affected the opportunity to vote several times. The nominations for the 2020 edition have been announced, it remains to be seen who will be voted “Game of the Year 2020”.

6 nominated to be voted “Game of the Year 2020”

2020 was a special year with its many staggered trips, premature teleworking, and unparalleled hygiene practices. A year in which some titles that have quickly proven to be indispensable, such as Hades and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, were recorded. The 2020 edition of the Game Awards will take place on Thursday, December 10th. Until then, however, you can register on the events page to vote for your favorite games. Don’t hesitate to choose your game of the year thanks to the poll at the bottom of the article and vote in the comments section.

game of the year

DOOM EternalFinal Fantasy VII RemakeGhost by TsushimaHadesAnimal Crossing: New HorizonsThe Last of Us Part II

Best performance

Final Fantasy VII RemakeGhost by TsushimaHadesHalf-Life: AlyxThe Last of Us Part II

Best scenario

13 Sentinels: Aegis RimFinal Fantasy VII RemakeGhost by TsushimaHadesThe Last of Us Part II

Best artistic direction

Final Fantasy VII RemakeGhost by TsushimaHadesOri and the Will of the Wisps The Last of Us Part II

Best soundtrack

DOOM EternalFinal Fantasy VII RemakeHadesOri and the Will of the WispsThe Last of Us Part II

Best audio design

DOOM EternalHalf-Life: AlyxGhost by TsushimaResident Evil 3, The Last of Us Part II

Best performance

Ashley Johnson (Ellie in the last of us Part II) Laura Bailey (Abby in the last of us Part II) Daisuke Tsuji (Jin Sakai in the spirit of Tsushima) Logan Cunningham (Hades in Hades) Nadji Jeter (Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales)

Games for Impact

If found … Kentucky Route Zero: TV EditionSpiritfarerTell Me WhyThrough The Darkest of Times

Best current game

Apex LegendsDestiny 2Call of Duty: WarzoneFortniteNo Man’s Sky

Best indie game

CarrionFall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutHadesSpelunky 2Spiritfarer

Best mobile game

Under UsCall of Duty MobileGenshin ImpactLegends by RuneterraPokémon Cafe Mix

Better community support

Apex LegendsDestiny 2Fall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutFortniteNo Man’s SkyVALORANT

Best VR / AR game

DreamsHalf-Life: AlyxMarvel’s Iron Man VRStar Wars: SquadronsThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Innovation in accessibility

Assassin’s Creed ValhallaGroundedHyperdotThe Last of Us Part IIWatch Dogs Legion

Best action game

DOOM EternalHadesHalf-Life: AlyxNioh 2Streets of Rage 4

Best action adventure game

Assassin’s Creed ValhallaGhost by TsushimaMarvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesOri and the Will of the WispsStar Wars: Jedi Fallen OrderThe Last of Us Part II

Best RPG

Final Fantasy VII RemakeGenshin ImpactPersona 5 RoyalWasteland 3Yakuza like a dragon

Best fighting game

Granblue Fantasy VersusMortal Kombat 11 UltimateStreet Fighter V: Champion EditionA batsman: A hero nobody knows Under night at birth Exe: Late (CL-R)

Best family game

Animal Crossing: New HorizonsCrash Bandicoot 4 It’s About TimeFall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutMario Kart Live Home CircuitMinecraft DungeonsPaper Mario: The Origami King

Best simulation / strategy game

Crusader Kings IIIDesperados IIIGears TacticsFlight SimulatorXCOM: Chimera Squad

Best sports / racing game

DIRT 5F1 2020FIFA 21NBA 2K21Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2

Best multiplayer game

Animal Crossing: New HorizonsAmong UsCall of Duty: WarzoneFall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutVALORANT

Content Creator of the Year

Alanah PearceJay Ann LopezNickmercsTimthetatmanValyrae

Best first game

CarrionMortal ShellRaji: An Old EpicRöki Phasmophobia

Best esports athlete

Ian “Crimsix” PorterHeo “Showmaker” SuKim “Canyon” Geon-BuAnthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-CastroMatthieu “Zywoo” Herbaut

Best eSports coach

Danny “Zoni” SorensenDae-Hee “Crutsy” ParkFabian “Grabbz” LohmannLee “Zefa” Jae-MinRaymond “Rambo” Lussier

Best eSport event

Blast Premier: Spring 2020 European FinalCall of Duty League Championship 2020IEM Katowice 2020League of Legends World Championship 2020Overwatch League Grand Final 2020

Best esports game

Call of Duty Modern WarfareCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveFortniteLeague of LegendsVALORANT

Best eSports host

Alex “Goldenboy” MendezAlex “Machine” RichardsonEefe “Sjokz” DepoortereJames “Dash” PattersonJorien “Sheever” Van Der Heijden

Best eSports team

Damwon GamingDallas EmpireG2 EsportsSan Francisco ShockTeam Secret


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