The next movie Disney will release in theaters is a horror movie!


While Disney recently announced that it is considering giving priority to releases on Disney + to the detriment of cinemas, the big-eared studio just shared the first trailer for horror film The Empty Man, which is about to be released. released in theaters.

The adaptation of a comic

The coronavirus pandemic is pushing Hollywood studios to improvise their release schedule. Many highly anticipated films have therefore been postponed to Greek calendars. Disney has now, despite announcing its focus on Disney + SVOD, released the first trailer for The Empty Man online, less than a week before its release …

The Empty Man is an adaptation of the horror comics by Cullen Bunn and Vanesa del Rey. The film tells the story of the investigation of a retired police officer who tries to understand a strange phenomenon: young people who are gradually disappearing. For the residents, the reason for this disappearance is obvious: it is the work of The Empty Man, a monstrous and cosmic entity.

This film, acquired by David during the 21st Century Fox acquisition and directed by David Prior, has long stuck on the shelves of Disney who obviously doesn’t know what to do with it … As with The New Mutants, the studio has finally decided that the film would hit theaters. We understand that since this is a horror movie, the studio doesn’t want to put it on their Disney + platform. Disney, on the other hand, might think that a theatrical release of The Empty Man could be beneficial for the film as it doesn’t face any blockbuster competition other than Tenet, which is released there. two months ago.

The film The Empty Man will be released in the USA on October 23, 2020. No release date has been announced in France.