The next generation console interface was hilariously teased by Burger King

After an initial presentation in an appropriate form, Sony has not yet lifted the veil on the user interface of its PlayStation 5. While some videographers around the world have been able to put their hands and eyes on the next generation console from Sony, that interface remains a mystery. And at the start of an upcoming announcement, the Japanese manufacturer is teasing its user interface via a Burger King ad.

when Burger King Playstation teases 5

As surprising as it may seem, Sony teased the user interface of its PlayStation 5 with an advertisement for the Burger King fast food restaurant. In a short video posted to Twitter for just 15 seconds, the American franchise’s mascot opens a bag that emits a blue light. Each time it is opened, there is a sound that can be mistaken for the start sound of the PlayStation 5 user interface.

do whopper sandwiches usually do this?

October 12, 2020

At the end of the video a date appears on which we can make an appointment on October 15th this Thursday. Could it be that Sony is revealing its entire user interface through Burger King? A short video whose sole aim is to tease a hypothetical competition? A PlayStation 5 that can be won by purchasing a Whooper? Possible. You have to wait a few more days to be sure.

As a reminder, the PlayStation 5 will be released in France on November 19th. The next-gen console from Sony, which is marketed in the Digital Edition at a price of 399 euros and in the version with a Blu-Ray player at a price of 499 euros, may take some time before it is in the Living room is found Many players have rushed pre-orders and reduced stocks.

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