The next free game revealed dungeons and dragons on the program

Like every week, the Epic Games Store makes one or more games for free. The ability for players to get their hands on a title without paying a dime. This week, the Epic Games Store is only offering one game whose identity has just been revealed. Lovers of dungeons and dragons should rush over immediately.

a free game to pick up this Thursday

From November 5th to 12th, Epic Games Store users can get their hands on Dungeons 3 for free. With Dungeons 3, the latest addition to the Dungeons saga, you will be at the head of a dungeon where you can recruit monsters, set traps to kill honest adventurers without lifting a finger. Of course, an Epic Games account is required to add it to your library.

Dungeons 3? Qu├ęsako?

The Steam description of the game is pretty clear: “The Dungeon Lord has finally managed to unite the forces of evil under one and the same terrifying empire. Next step in his evil quest: Expansion!” With almost 10,000 ratings, including 94% positive, Dungeons 3 embodies one of the benchmarks in dungeon management. A strategy game in which you will have to use your innate talent for torture to build a deadly maze of traps and demonic creatures to make your dungeon impenetrable, even among seasoned adventurers.

Dungeons 3 can be picked up here this Thursday, November 5th.

Pay attention to double authentication

So you have until November 12th at 5:00 p.m. to log into your Epic Games account and purchase this title. And if you run into problems it could be related to two-factor authentication. To activate it, nothing could be easier. Here are the following steps:

Go right there to your Account Settings on the Epic Games Store website. Go to the “Password & Security” tab and then enable two-factor authentication of your time. Only one is required for you to have a choice of traditional authenticator, SMS or email authentication should be ready to collect your free game with no hassle

As for next week’s game, we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out its identity.

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