the news is not good about the future of the manga

On May 6th, Kentaro Miura, the famous Japanese mangaka behind the legendary Manga Berserk, passed away. An internationally known work that inspires a multitude of artists. Unfortunately for the fans, Berserk remains an unfinished work. And while Miura’s assistant appeared to be his successor, the situation seems to have changed.

a possible resumption of berserk?

Almost three months have passed since Kentaro Miura’s death. Japanese publisher Young Animal Comics spoke about his death without commenting on a possible recovery. Since then, water has flowed under the bridges and fans are trying to find out who will finish 70% of this manga. After the mangaka’s death, his assistant volunteered to pick up the torch. So Guts’ fate seemed to resume, although the proposal no longer seemed so hasty.

And for good reason, pushed by impatient fans, the publisher was forced to speak on Twitter. In a tweet in Japanese, the latter initially apologized for the lack of information on the Manga Berserk, only to end on serious bad news: no decision was made about it. “We apologize and the status of the Berserk sequel is undecided.” we can read there. “There will be an announcement in Young Animal as soon as it’s decided, please be patient.”

You will understand that the manga doesn’t necessarily come from the forest, although the option offered by Miura’s assistant finishing his work seemed ideal. Possible legal problems, a handover that cannot be decided in a few days or even weeks. From now on it will be necessary to hang on the publisher’s lips to know whether or not Berserk will come to an end. On your side, would you like Berserk to be done or not? Don’t hesitate to reply to us using the poll and comments section below.

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