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The new super that will challenge Homelander has finally been revealed thanks to this photo

The Boys is a television series based on the paper of the same name and features mind-blowing characters. They are recognized as superheroes by the public, but are actually hired by Vought International, a kind of advertising and marketing agency. An uchronic universe that is now very successful. We gave you a hint a while back about the upcoming season that would appear in one of the episodes. Today, a recently leaked photo shows us a little more.

Season 3 filming

The Boys is currently being filmed in Canada and isn’t exempt from a few scattered spoilers here and there. Indeed, the series, which takes up the events of the comic book of the same name, has been a real hit since it first aired on Prime Video in July 2019. Eric Kripke, executive producer of the series, revealed to us the very first image of the gunfight a week ago, namely a magnificent gold statue depicting Homelander (or the Soldier Boy? Doubt is always allowed), with a focus on his private parts.

a photo of a soldier boy is revealed

The photographer Steve LeBlanc recently published a snapshot on his Instagram account that identifies the appearance of Soldier Boy – portrayed by actor Jensen Ackles (Supernatural):

You made a movie once … Has anyone heard of “The Boys”? Filming today in Toronto. Here is the view from our balcony.

Thanks to Steve LeBlanc, fans were able to access a sneak preview of the film team filming a scene with Soldier Boy.

The character visibly smiles and struts on the red carpet for the premiere of Dawn of the Seven. This fictional work contains characters from the VCU (the Vought Cinematic Universe), a fictional universe specific to the series. Obviously, the costume worn by Jensen Ackles won’t be exactly the same as the Soldier Boy from the comics, although it looks a lot. One thing is for sure, this third season is highly anticipated and it is certain that it will have a similar level of success as the previous ones. Many believe that the Soldier Boy will come to stand up against Homelander, to challenge him and thus secure the place of the most famous super in all of America.


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