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The new “Suicide Squad” is ultra brutal, fun and much better than the first

The new “Suicide Squad” is ultra brutal, fun and much better than the first

It has already made its debut in theaters, with a beautiful role by the Portuguese Daniela Melchior. It was performed and written by James Gunn.

The film is 2h12 long.


Over the past 13 years, Marvel has grown into a multi-million dollar movie powerhouse. In addition to the many good films that made use of the iconic characters from the comics, he developed a complex web in which everything is interconnected – almost all MCU (Marvel Cinematographic Universe) films or series contain references to the rest of the stories.

Neither of these logics (narrative and brand marketing effective) apply to rival DC Comics’ new “The Suicide Squad” – which has managed to produce a disrespectful, daring, and entertaining film than ever without the power of Marvel . than most of the genre. It opens in Portuguese cinemas on Thursday 5th August.

It’s not a sequel or some sort of remake of the 2016 Suicide Squad disaster. It’s a new story in this universe of villains-turned-anti-heroes, with some of the same characters. James Gunn (creator of Guardians of the Galaxy) directed and wrote the film.

When we break it down, the narrative is pretty simple and full of clichés. There’s a new mission that needs to be completed by a group of supervillains. Agent Waller (Viola Davis) forcibly recruits a number of characters who are in jail. Your goal is to travel to the fictional island of Corto Maltese in South America, where a military coup overthrew a US-friendly dictatorship.

The biggest problem is that there are some old Nazi facilities on this island that continue to be used for inhumane science experiments – related to a monstrous creature that is imprisoned there.

The group of protagonists consists of the relentless soldier Bloodsport (Idris Elba), who is something of a direct replacement for the character of Will Smith in the previous film; the well-known supreme flag (Joel Kinnaman); the funny but also dogmatic peacemaker (John Cena); the peculiar polka dot man (David Dastmalchian) who has many maternal problems; a shark monster named King Shark (voiced by Sylvester Stallone); and a cute but wild outsider girl named Ratcatcher 2 who manages to control all rodents on this planet (played by the Portuguese Daniela Melchior).

During the plot they are joined by the famous Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), eccentric and pure, but completely deadly and crazy – the DC character who, in addition to participating in the first “Suicide Squad”, was entitled to the film itself. Birds of Prey “.

The protagonists have to explore the jungle, defeat an army of revolutionaries, go out to Brazilian radio at night, break into the former Nazi facilities and face a starfish that is a (ridiculous) weapon of mass destruction.

It is not the story that is particularly strong in “The Suicide Squad”, but the tone in which it is told. This is not a children’s film at all. James Gunn did not skimp on the epic scenes of open ultra violence, which are used in a rather comical way and demonstrate the skills of the protagonists. It’s hard to imagine another superhero movie with so many dead.

There is an aura of black comedy throughout the film – in fact, the “wrong departure” that begins production with another group of supervillains is the greatest evidence of this and immediately sets the tone for the entire narrative.

What really differs from the Marvel films is the latent danger – with so many deaths and unexpected scenes of violence, we never foresaw the fate of our protagonists. At least we don’t expect them to be protected so that they can be made. I don’t know how many spinoffs and sequels are with each character.

“O Esquadrão Suicida” is a funny, fast-paced and unpretentious action epic. Though it demonstrates well your entire millionaire budget. It’s a relatively superficial movie, of course, but it’s engaging enough for the audience to not worry – and it’s one of those cases that are really worth seeing in the cinema. In addition, there is some criticism of the logic the US uses in its international politics.

The cast is made up of a group of exceptional actors and it’s no wonder Daniela Melchior has received so much recognition. In her first international project in which she participates, and only in her third film, the Portuguese actress easily manages to play one of the most charismatic characters in the entire film. It really is, as many have described, the voice of the conscience of the story, the emotional perspective of the audience. This is how a star is born – we suspect that its global journey is only just beginning.

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