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The new series of “Star Wars” has already made its debut – and there is a special short film by “The Simpsons”

The new series of “Star Wars” has already made its debut – and there is a special short film by “The Simpsons”

May 4th is the day of the saga of a galaxy far, far away. There are a number of new features to discover at Disney +.

Maggie is the protagonist of the short film.

May the 4th be with you. It started out as a mere play on words used by fans on social media, but quickly became the official day of the Star Wars universe. This Tuesday, May 4th, the date will be marked with a series of messages on the Disney + streaming platform.

The main series is the animated series “Star Wars: The Spoiled Lot”, but you can also discover the short film “The Simpsons”, which takes us into the universe of “Star Wars”, as well as a range of special content.

“Star Wars: The Spoiled Lot” is a spin-off of another animated series in the saga “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and was created by Dave Filoni, who was previously responsible for productions such as “Star Wars: Resistance”. , “Star Wars: Rebels” and “Star Wars Forces of Destiny”. He was also one of the producers of “The Mandalorian”, the first real picture series – with actors of flesh and blood – from “Star Wars”.

This new project focuses on an elite team of clone soldiers who have genetic alterations that essentially give them unique superpowers. They find their way into a rapidly changing galaxy just after the Clone War, when the future empire forms.

“Each member of this unique group of clones, genetically different from their brothers in the army of clones, possesses an extraordinary and unique ability that makes them extraordinarily effective soldiers and an impressive crew. In the time after the clone war they will take on daring mercenary missions as they struggle to stay afloat and find a new purpose, ”describes the official summary at a time when the Jedi are being persecuted.

The Clone Force 99 unit consists of Hunter, the leader who is very astute and an expert in hunting and identifying. Wrecker, of enormous size and strength; Tech, very smart and a master of technology; and crosshair that has great fighting ability. The fifth member to appear only in this series and not from the original production is Echo, a soldier turned cyborg.

The cast includes names such as Dee Bradley Baker, Ming-Na Wen, Ness Bautista, Michelle Ang, Bob Bergen, Ben Diskin, Tom Kane, Andrew Kishino and Freddie Prinze Jr.

There are 16 episodes in total – the second opens on Friday, May 7th, and thereafter there is a new chapter every week, every Friday.

The second big news of the day is the short film “The Simpsons”, which crosses the universe of the most famous yellow family of all time with the “Star Wars” galaxy. In a very, very distant nursery, but still in Springfield, Maggie is on an epic search for her stolen Luffa. Her adventure leads her to meet young Padawans, Sith Lords, family droids, rebellious humans and one final battle against the dark side of the Force. It is confirmed that there will be several tributes from “The Simpsons” to other Disney sagas throughout 2021.

Finally, check out Disney + special content like Star Wars: Biomes, where you can take virtual tours of some of the saga’s most iconic locations from Tatooine to Hoth through Sorgan. It’s a series that works as an “air tour”.

And you can discover Star Wars: A Special Tour, which focuses on two very special ships from this universe: the Millennium Falcon and an Imperial Star Destroyer. Discover the interiors and exteriors of these ships on the same streaming platform.

If you are interested in other types of fiction series, click the gallery for the main news for this month of May on television and streaming platforms.


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