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the new season of “Virgin River” has arrived on Netflix

Prepare the Popcorn: The new season of “Virgin River” has hit Netflix

The latest in the series brings several new features, twists, and new characters to Mel and Jack’s quiet village.

Mel and Jack are back.

The shocking finale of “Virgin River” season two made fans of the show ponder the future of history, especially that of Jack, who was targeted in the final episode. Those worries can now be dispelled – Jack is alive and back in the new season out on Netflix this Friday, July 9th.

The first season of “Virgin River” followed Melinda (Alexandra Breckenridge), a nurse who moves to the village in search of a new start away from bustling Los Angeles. There he discovered a new passion: Jack (Martin Henderson).

The third chapter will continue to follow the ups and downs of Mel and Jack’s relationship. But that’s not the only couple that will be the center of attention. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Alexandra Breckenridge reveals what we can expect from the return to Virgin River: “What I think is cool is that this season unlocks all the other stories of the different couples and new relationships develop. Jack and Mel are still dealing with love and unrequited love and new obstacles, but we see different characters and where everyone is in their own personal dilemmas. “

The new season will answer the most important question everyone has on their mind: “Who tried to kill Jack?” In November 2020, the two main actors also revealed in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” who, in their opinion, was the culprit. For Breckenridge, the answer is not clear: “The show makes you think that maybe it was Jimmy. Other people think it was Brady. ”Her partner doesn’t believe it either:“ It’s definitely Charmaine. I mean, do the math, I’m convinced. “

Returning to the serene Virgin River also brings a different perspective on a particular character – Brady. The one who was one of the villains of the previous seasons will now show a more human and sensitive side when starting a new relationship.

Preacher (Colin Lawrence) also saw his fate change. His plans to move to San Francisco were canceled after Paige (Lexa Doig) accidentally killed her abusive ex by pushing him down the stairs. When she revealed that she was living under a false identity, she had to hide from the world and left her son Christopher (Chase Petriw) in the care of Preacher.

A new season naturally brings new characters. Stacey Farber makes her debut on the Netflix series as Lily’s daughter (Lynda Boyd), who will help her mother take care of her new daughter, Chloe. Kai Bradbury plays Denny, a young man who goes to Virgin River with his sister Brie (Zibby Allen) to find his birth father.

The third season of “Virgin River,” which brings much more news, revelations, and twists, is now available on Netflix. Like the previous ones, it has ten episodes.

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