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The new season “New Amsterdam” will focus on Covid-19 (and Max’s relationships).

The new season “New Amsterdam” will focus on Covid-19 (and Max’s relationships).

The Doctors’ series can be seen again on Portuguese television from Thursday, March 18.

The series debuted in 2018.

As with several other doctors (and not only), “New Amsterdam” comes into its new season – the third in production, which has taken longer than usual for obvious reasons – to tackle the AIDS pandemic head on. Covid-19.

The new coronavirus will play a central role in the narrative of this third season, which opens in Portugal on Thursday March 18. Tune in to Fox Life from 10:20 p.m. to see the premiere. The first two seasons recently hit Netflix Portugal where they have been seen a lot, but the third won’t be available on the streaming platform just yet.

In addition to waiting for production to meet re-recording safety conditions (and rewrite much of the storyline), New Amsterdam had to build new hospital settings as the real wings were hospitals for which it was used Filming has become rooms to treat the real victims of Covid-19.

“We are all affected in one way or another, especially the frontline health professionals, our nurses and doctors, all those who sacrificed themselves to fight this and keep people healthy,” said the protagonist Ryan Eggold, who plays Max Goodwin, told TVLine.

“When we started this season, our first responsibility was to reflect on this struggle and the intensity of that experience for healthcare professionals, how much they sacrificed and how difficult this job was for them,” added the 36-year-old American actor added.

Regarding his character, Ryan Eggold said that this season the perspective of “How can I help?” to “How can we rebuild? How do we start again? How can we do that? “

“Perhaps there is a better way of doing things about fundamental reforms that I think we are looking for in many of our institutions. He is still in the process of putting his feet on the ground and understanding how idealistic he is, but without losing his optimism or ambition to change the world and the hospital, to change the life around him. “

Regarding the impact of the pandemic on his character, Ryan Eggold said that his state of mind will also be in focus on a few occasions. “It’s such a big fight that they fought, and it certainly has ramifications, maybe even in ways that they may not know about. At the same time, Max kept his daughter Luna with Georgia’s parents to keep her away from the hospital and from herself, and to keep her from illness. “

And Max will really wonder if he was doing the right thing all along, if his daughter still remembers him, if he is a good father in this situation and if he has to deal with some feelings of guilt, even if the motive is that Protection of the daughter.

In addition, one of the doctors in the series will be infected with the new coronavirus and hospitalized himself. “It shows them how close this virus can get and that no one is invincible or on top of a pandemic and reminds them that this is an extraordinary situation. They can’t even keep doctors healthy, and they are the ones who are supposed to take care of others. It’s just another reminder of the extent of what we’re fighting. “

Because of this infected character, another old character from the series – who gave up the story – will return in a special guise to take care of the sick.

While all of this goes on, Max will continue to research his feelings for Alice and try to develop this relationship. “I think it’s a real question for him if he’s ready to move on after his wife he tried [com Alice] and failed. And I think more than for him or to feel romantically fulfilled, it is for his daughter. I think he wants a partner and mother for Luna and I think he wants to make that happen. I don’t know if he’s fully prepared, but I think he’ll be there soon. “

On the other hand, there’s the relationship between Helen and Max – a lot of fans wonder if they should just be friends or take the next step. This dynamic between the two characters is also explored in the third season of “New Amsterdam”.

“I have a preference. I have some ideas about where this story can lead, but I don’t want to condition people’s perspective. But the showrunner and screenwriters did a great job of telling that story and developing that relationship. But I know that regardless of where it goes, it’s time for this relationship to go somewhere, in the sense that there has been a long time to say things between the two, and I think the time for introspection or actualization of things is over. It is time for them to take a new step in their relationship, either as friends, either to be together or to stop talking. But it’s time to sort things out. “

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