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The new program from Joana Barrios is coming – and we have a recipe

The new range from Joana Barrios is coming – and we have a recipe for you

“O da Joana” will open on May 17th at midnight with simple recipes that will help you reuse food.

After Joana Barrios published the book “O da Joana” in 2020, she is now passing the recipes on to the screen with a program of the same name. The premiere is planned for May 17th at 3 p.m. at 24Kitchen and will be repeated at 9 p.m.

During this program, Joana Barrios will make recipes from her book and show that the simple can also be delicious and that there are different ways to reuse food at home. In “O da Joana” we can expect “to achieve the miracle of following a recipe from start to finish”, guarantees the moderator NiT.

Joana Barrios, who is used to television and interacts with the public via social networks, could be a simple recording, but also has her challenges: “The part where I entertain myself while cooking because I feel like I’m entertaining everything and having to do but of course “.

We share the recipe for tortilla or egg pudding with NiT readers. It’s a specialty that was passed on to Joana from her grandmother and is part of this first episode.

“My maternal grandmother made this egg pastry – which she didn’t call a tortilla – with her eyes practically closed. It was always great. It was always a great pleasure when one of them appeared on the table. “

This is a “huge comfort dish” that “always tastes nice”, he guarantees. The trick to making it go well is “very calm and low heat”.

“My grandmother fried the potatoes very carefully after they were seasoned and the taste was unbeatable. I remember eating this since I was little. With bread the next day … “

The recipe that Joana Barrios loves to make – and eat – is a secret to be discovered throughout the program, and even “there’s only one episode about it”. Keep the recipe in mind while you wait to learn about this new format.

What do you need

– Two small potatoes thinly sliced
– Six eggs
– Two tablespoons of heavy cream
– parsley to taste
– An onion
– A clove of garlic
– olive oil
– Salt
– Paprika
– Chorizo ​​to taste

How it is done

Cut seven slices of chorizo ​​and add to the pan until brown. Then add a chopped clove of garlic and onion and add a dash of olive oil.

Chop a sprig of parsley with the stems and place in a bowl. Put the eggs in the bowl and whisk well with the parsley.

Dry the potatoes previously soaked in water with a lot of salt with a cloth. Put the potatoes in the pan and fry them.

Pour the cream into the egg mixture and add to the pan. When the egg begins to solidify and is lightly toasted around the edges, carefully transfer the tortilla onto a plate, then twist it back into the pan. Let the egg stay firm and put it back on the plate.

Sprinkle with chopped parsley and ready to serve. You can take it with whatever you prefer, alone or with other side dishes, in a sandwich, or however you see fit. “It’s very versatile.”


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