The new pop characters are terrifying


Venom is a superhero like no other, he is even quite trashy and he does not hesitate to appropriate a host, and the brand of collectible figurines Funko has decided to refuse the most beautiful in several pops.

Poison the darkest superhero

Having recently hit the big screen, Venom has captured the hearts of many viewers thanks to its charisma, humor and way of doing things that are not very orthodox. In fact, it is not quite like the others as it is an alien symbiote that takes hold of the hosts to control them and give them powers.

Funko was happy to create figures that are available in our shop at a price of 12.49 euros. These are officially licensed products that come with your window box.

Funko Pop Figure Thanos Venom – Miracle No. 510

Funko had fun mixing up multiple Marvel characters. Thanos Venom wears the black Spider-Man outfit with his mask, but Venom’s long tongue can also be seen with his razor-sharp teeth.

Funko Pop Figure Daredevil Venom – Miracle No. 513

What idea did Funko come up with when mixing Daredevil and Venom? The result is really hot, we have a nice poison in the red devil.

Funko Pop Rocket Raccoon Poison Figurine – Marvel N ° 513

You loved Rocket Raccoon and are a Venom fan. So why not confuse it? Here’s a new character straight out of the Funko brand’s imagination.

Funko Pop Figure Storm Venom – Marvel No. 512

Storm aka Tornado is part of the X-Men and a recurring character who can manipulate the weather and fly through the air. In conjunction with Venom, we have a brand new character with a lovely white crest on his huge head and razor sharp teeth.

Funko Pop X-23 Venom – Marvel No. 512 figure

With this figure, Venom has taken control of X-23, Wolverine’s little protégé, and the result is not bad at all, as X-23 looks even wilder with the symbiote’s tongue.

Funko Pop Groot Venom figurine – Marvel N ° 511

Groot is so cute he touched us in Guardians of the Galaxy, but Venom decided to control him

Funko Pop Venom figurine – Marvel Venom 2 N ° 888

This character represents Venom in the second feature film in his portrait with his sharp teeth and his long, brain-hungry tongue!

Funko Pop Carnage Figure – Marvel Venom 2 N ° 889

The second part focuses on Venom’s alter ego, Carnage, which is also monstrous.