the new “Pickle Rick” of season 5 is even more barge

Episode 6 of season five of Rick & Morty was the chance to see the final metamorphosis of Rick Sanchez, and the least we can say is that this new “Pickle Rick” is even crazier than before.

“Pickle Rick” 2.0

Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, the series records the adventures of a grandfather and grandson across the galaxy. The Adult Swim series, born in 2013, was an instant hit and is already in its 5th season. The recently released episode titled “Rick & Morty’s Thanksploitation Spectacular” has one of the storylines.

While it’s not uncommon for Rick Sanchez to change shape, his latest transformation is completely insane and very reminiscent of “Pickle Rick”. Introduced in Season 3 Episode 3 in 2017, “Pickle Rick” is the name often given to the grandfather when he turned into a pickle. Incidentally, this Rick gig is definitely a fan favorite.

Episode 6 of the series introduced a new metamorphosis for Rick Sanchez. In fact, Morty’s grandfather angered the U.S. government over a special Thanksgiving episode that was due to come out in July after accidentally damaging the Constitution, several national monuments, and waking a robot assassin inside the Statue of Liberty.

As always, Rick and Morty come up with a crazy plan that they have the secret of to correct their mistakes. And the best idea the two sidekicks have is to transform into a turkey. In fact, Rick wants to use his time as an undercover bird to deceitfully obtain the president’s forgiveness for Thanksgiving. Things go wrong, of course, which leads Rick and Morty to team up with the president to save the country from the president’s turkey clone after the president’s DNA was reinjected into the bad bird.

Episode 6 is certainly one of the craziest of the season and is similar to the episode that introduced “Pickle Rick” to the delight of fans. Along with this nod to one of Rick’s most popular forms, the episode reveals Grandpa’s gadgets and how far he’s willing to go to avoid his problems rather than face them.

In season 3, Rick turned into a pickle to avoid family therapy, so in season 5, he turns into a turkey to receive the presidential pardon. Rick Sanchez is therefore really ready to do everything possible not to face his problems and his transformations, to the delight of the fans.

If you enjoyed the last episode of Rick & Morty, you are sure to see the best reaction from internet users after it aired episode 3 of Season 5.

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