The new Netflix series is for those who have regretted getting a tattoo

Five professional tattoo artists will cover the flaws that the participants chose to immortalize on their bodies.

Mistakes become art.

We all know that tattoos are permanent. We also know that sometimes regrets come after they’re done. In this new Netflix show, five artists are remaking participants’ bad tattoo choices.

“Tattoo Redo” premiered this Wednesday, July 28th and has six episodes of about 30 minutes. The premise is simple: participants enter with “terrible” tattoos and leave with authentic artwork by five professional tattoo artists.

“If one tattoo is too awful, we have no choice but to cover it with another. Five of the most talented artists in the business are taking some of the most embarrassing tattoos of all time and turning them into incredible works of art, ”says Netflix.

There is one small detail to note, however. Participants’ new tattoos will be chosen by loved ones or friends who put them on the program and will remain an absolute secret until the moment they are revealed.

“Tattoo Redo” is moderated by the comedian Jessimae Peluso, who told the website “Syracuse” that a tattoo particularly shocked her: “A tattoo on the cross shocked me … especially since she is a mother.”

He also congratulated the artists, revealing that people are more likely to cover a tattoo with a new one than to remove it. “Personally, I think if you don’t mind having a huge tattoo on your back you should, but you’d better make sure the tattoo artist is an expert on large tattoos – or tattoos in general – so you can get trash can turn into treasure, “he adds.

Netflix still leaves viewers with a question: “Is it going to be a masterly re-tattoo or is it going to be a disaster?”