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the new model already has a big problem

The months go by and many are still interested in not being able to get the next-gen console from Sony due to a lack of stock. An expensive PS5, for both Sony and gamers, a new model of which has just been released in some parts of the world. A lighter model than its predecessor, but with a big problem.

A first problem for this new model

On the lookout, Sony has launched a new model of its current flagship console. A new model that is 300 grams lighter than its predecessor and has some changes. Different screws, a modified base, but above all a smaller heat sink, a new model dissected by YouTuber Austin Evans. With its 5.1 million subscribers, the videographer states: The new model is worse than the old one. Found in different regions of the world namely Australia, Japan and some corners of the United States, this new PS5 hit the stands earlier this month.

Not only is the screw different, but also a different clamp. pic.twitter.com/JLr6eK2tae

23 August 2021

According to the expert opinion, the changes are minimal except for the heat sink. It is smaller than the previous model and dissipates heat less efficiently. The readings are final: the temperature is 3 to 5 degrees higher. The PlayStation 5, which has long been criticized for its massive size, was designed in this way to better dissipate heat and thus be less hot and less noisy. A godsend for the big players who no longer had the feeling of turning their houses into trajectories every time they started a game in need.

A first step in this direction might indicate that Sony is working on producing a smaller PS5. But it is also possible that the manufacturer primarily wants to lower its manufacturing costs by slightly reducing the performance of its console. A new model that therefore wants to be worse than the previous one, its size, unlike its weight, has not changed. In addition, this model could face various problems in retrospect.

And for good reason, which means less efficient dissipation, it inevitably means higher heat. The current games do not push the console to its limits, it is difficult to estimate how much the PS5 can heat up. Owners of this model could therefore experience inconveniences and problems that owners of the original model never have to complain about. Note that Evans only opened the Digital Edition of the console. Therefore, it is possible that the Standard Edition is not affected.


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