The new life (and new career) of Clooney, the 60-year-old father who never wanted to get married and have children


Marriage with actress Talia Balsam did not last long. It was the first official relationship of the increasingly sought-after bachelor of “ER”, but the union, which was celebrated in 1989, finally broke up in 1993. And rumors surfaced that George Clooney had promised never to commit again after the divorce.

“Someone quoted me saying that I would never marry again right after the divorce, and I never talked about it again,” I told Esquire in 2014. I would come back to the subject a few weeks later. “I still say that I will never get married and have children again, but people insist not to believe.”

For much of his life and career, it looked like Clooney would keep his promise. Over the years he’s filled a gallery with little dates and casual girlfriends, from celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Renée Zellweger to lesser-known names.

Almost suddenly and surprisingly, the actor turned 50 and looked his life upside down. Not only did he meet and fall in love with Amal Alamuddin, but he decided that she was the right person to help him break tradition. In the year of these statements, Clooney proposed and married.

The biggest shock was to come. Two years later, Amal became pregnant. “[Ter filhos] it was never part of my DNA, ”Clooney later revealed. “We never made plans, we never talked about it until we were married, which is still funny. But there was a kind of assumption that I didn’t want any children. “

“I didn’t want to get married. I didn’t want children. Then this extraordinary person came into my life and I fell in love. And from that minute I knew that everything would be different, ”he said for the last time in 2021.

The improbable would eventually happen, but there was one more surprise. “The doctor begins by saying, ‘Well, here’s one.’ And I said ‘good’. He continues: ‘And here is the second one.’ ‘What?!’. We sat there, looked at the piece of paper they gave you and thought it must have been a mistake, ”he remembers the moment when he realized that he was going to be the father of two children, not one.

Going from being the world’s most coveted bachelor to fathering twins – a girl and a boy – Clooney changed his life. His acting career was interrupted in 2016 and only resumed in 2019. He sat in the director’s chair for the last time in 2017, the year his children were born, and it shouldn’t be occupied again for two years. .

Five years later, life seems to have returned to what appeared to be normalcy when the 60-year-old actor and director released his latest movie on Friday, January 7th. The Tender Bar is directed by Clooney and starred by Ben Affleck, alongside Tye Sheridan, Lily Rabe, Max Martini and Rhenzy Feliz.

The Amazon production follows JR (Sheridan), a young man who saw his father undress as a child and finds refuge with his uncle Charlie (Affleck), who works as a bartender. It is in the bar that JR grows up trying to realize his dream of becoming a writer.

In real life, it can’t be said that parenting was one of Clooney’s dreams that now handles the subject well. “[A vida de solteiro] it feels like eons ago Now my house is full of screams and screams of babies, ”explained in a 2017 interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “You should see the landscape when my friends get there and see me change a diaper. The laugh they give. I know, I know, I’ve given them so much sanity for so many years, I deserve their every laugh. “

Ella and Alexander were born in London in 2017 and have become the couple’s priority. “It was crazy. It’s all conceptual until it’s real. ‘Yeah, let’s be parents’ becomes ‘shit, I’m a dad’.”

“The first thing that changes is you start to think, ‘I hope I don’t screw this up.’ I mean, we are all responsible for something in life in one way or another – we have to take care of each of us and take care of each of us, ”he notes. “But being really responsible for two children… I want them to be happy, have a sense of humor, be interested in things, and have compassion for people’s struggles and struggles. That’s it, isn’t it? You have to have a little empathy. “

Parenthood inevitably takes time, a precious asset in the life of an actor like Clooney. Even so, the couple reveals that they only have a part-time nanny. “He’s only with us four days a week. The rest of the time it’s just us. And while we were in custody, we were alone for a full year, ”says Clooney. “I felt like my mother in 1964, washing dishes and doing six loads of laundry every day.”

Since 2019, despite the growing difficulties, the actor’s career has returned to normal somewhat – Clooney is already over 60.

Amal with the couple’s two children, Alexander and Ella.

“I had this conversation with Amal about being in my 60s. I told her we need to rethink our lives,” he said. “We work too hard, both of us. She works a lot. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a job because we have to. If you don’t have a job, you’re dead. We have to spend less time behind a computer or go back and forth. “

So that there is time for everything, Clooney reveals that he has defined the limit that he dedicates to his work, which of course also leads him to accept fewer suggestions. Not that he needs it, as he recently demonstrated when he declined an invitation to participate in an airline advertisement, even with a check for more than 30 million euros on the table.

“I’ve committed to a dose of work I’m willing to do to make sure I’m doing it in the right amount. Amal is in exactly the same situation, ”he said. “We think we’ll keep it that way for about a year. When we get there, see you soon. But she doesn’t have to stop taking the cases she wants, it just means she won’t be left with six in hand. And I won’t take four jobs a year, I’ll only do one. “

The ones who pay are the fans who will see Clooney less and less on the big screen. But less does not mean never and his latest work “The Tender Bar” has just been released on the Amazon streaming platform.

“We’re going to spend time with our children, we’re going to travel. We have a lake house and a rope for jumping into the water. I hope I can jump at 60, but I don’t know if I can do it at 80. Maybe I’ll strike right away if I grab the rope (laughs). “