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the new films and series for December 2020 for a successful Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and after Disney + it is Netflix’s turn to put together a beautiful program full of new features. As of November, the American platform had littered its catalog with Christmas magic with many available films and series. An action that was repeated for this month of December with Season 2 of Home for Christmas. Christmas is well and good, but we mustn’t forget to mention the long-awaited arrival of the brand new David Fincher film Mank and season four of Big Mouth on December 4th. The prom, Ryan Murphy’s new film, is also coming to the delight of fans of the Broadway musical. Here is the list of December novelties not to be missed on Netflix.

December 1

Sugar Rush: Christmas – Season 2

Teen Under Lock – Season 4

Intervention – Season 6

Angela’s dream Christmas

Rick and Morty – Season 4 Part B.

The vacation films that Ava made


Very much loved

Spellbook of Zero – Season 1

60 Days in Prison – Season 2

Secrets of the Universe – Season 2

The Secret History of the United States – Season 2

Save Willy 2

Unknown code

Christmas at Cooper

Kangaroo jack

2. December

Alien Worlds – Season 1

Midnight in the universe

3rd of December

And another Merry Christmas!

The Snowman

The secret: all dreams are allowed

Thu Thu Sol Sol La La Sol (Miniseries)

December 4th

Mank: David Fincher, to whom we owe many cult films (Seven, Fight Club, Aliens 3, Panic Room or even The Social Network), is back for a new feature film. A biopic about Citizen Kane screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz, brother of legendary Hollywood director Joseph L. Mankiewicz, who is best known for directing Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Mank will narrate events related to writing and the hectic production of Citizen Kane, which to this day is considered the greatest film in cinema history. Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins and Charles Dance will star in this biographical drama.

9 lives like Leyla

Selena the series

Big Mouth – Season 4: Our prepubescent heroes are back for a completely insane season 4 of the show. “The fear of growing up, finding out who we are, understanding and accepting ourselves” will be the focus of this new series, judging by the official recap proposed by Netflix. A new metaphorical monster will land on the program: The fear monster.

A very bad plan

Kings of Jo’Burg

December 5th


December 7th

The Claus family

December 8th

Spirit Riding Free – Join the adventure (interactive)

Mr Iglesias – Season 3

9th of December

Home for Christmas – Season 2

The incredible story of Ile de la Rose

Exceptional Surgeons – Season 1

10th of December

Alice in Bordeland

11th December

The Prom: Directed by Ryan Murphy, creator of many successful series (Glee, America Horror Story, Hollywood, Ratched). Based on the musical of the same name, the film stars Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Kerry Washington play the story of four actors who come to the aid of a young girl who is wrongly denied access to the dance hall. Promo because of his homosexuality.

After you chaos


December 14th

Tiny pretty things

Christmas in California

15th December

Big Foot Junior

December 16

How to ruin Christmas

The beautiful role

In the footsteps of the Yorkhire Ripper

December 18th

Ma Rainey’s Blues

25 December

The Bridgertons Chronicle – Season 1: A series halfway between Downton Abbey and Pride and Prejudice. The program was filmed in Bath, the birthplace of Jane Austen’s novels, and was intended to evoke the atmosphere that is so characteristic of the writer. The series was produced by Shonda Rhimes and was the origin of the success of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal. At the end of the 18th and early 19th centuries in London, she immersed us in an aristocracy that is plagued by many excesses.

December 31

The new adventures of Sabrina – part 4


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