The new documentary series about 3 murders (and those that were convicted and could be innocent)


The new documentary series about 3 murders (and those that were convicted and could be innocent)

“Miramar Murders” is the new HBO miniseries and promises to take another look at a very real (and violent) mystery.

The pictures were brutal. Captured on a home video surveillance camera, they showed the attacks on a man, two suspects walking around the house taping objects, and something shocking that was forever captured by the cameras: the moment the killer saw three people with gunshots in the back of their heads murdered that are bound and immobile on the ground.

The victims were Casimir Sucharski, also known as Butch Casey, who owns a 48-year-old disco, and Marie Rogers and Sharon Anderson, 25-year-old dancers. Before disappearing from the scene, one of the suspects removes the cloth covering his face and his face is filmed.

At the time, the case came to be known as the “Nickelodeon Murder of Casey” in relation to the murdered man’s business. Nowadays it is also known as Miramar, the place in Florida, USA, where it all happened in 1994.

A few weeks after the triple murder, police arrested a suspect, Spaniard Pablo Ibar, and later a second suspect, Seth Penalver. Both were charged with armed robbery and three first degree murders. You were sentenced to death. However, the story was far from over.

The two men have always maintained their innocence. The case for being so brutal and for being the first to show the deaths in domestic video surveillance cameras installed in the house gained national attention.

In 2012, Seth Penalver saw his death sentence overturned and he was even exonerated four years later. He has since spoken publicly against the death penalty (precisely warning of the risk of an innocent man being executed). Pablo has seen his case advances and setbacks. 26 years after the triple murder, he continues to claim his innocence.

Pablo’s case was particularly complex. He was identified as the man who was filmed removing the tissue, exposing his face. Partial DNA was also found at the crime scene, although the possibility of contamination was increased.

There aren’t many certainties about the case other than the brutal death of the victims. Amid false or controversial testimony, jurors with doubts about their decisions and evidence that has been re-examined, the case continues to run ink. He is now featured in an HBO miniseries “Miramar Murders”. It opens this Friday, December 4th, and promises to be a unique (and meticulous) look.

It’s been six years of work. There are countless hours of investigation, over two thousand hours of filming added to hundreds of hours of video files, photos, testimonials, and thousands of pages of a legal process that rocked America. What’s next is impressive.

The work was led by the director Olmo Figueredo, who had the opportunity to speak to witnesses, investigators, victims and relatives of Pablo. It’s a slew of evidence, suspicions, and numbers that all at the same time reveal more of the case and promise to make the viewer ponder who (and what) should believe too.

“Miramar Murders” is divided into six episodes that promise not to be recommended for the most sensitive stomachs. The trailer itself does not spare the viewer: it is possible to see the exact time of the execution of the victims. You can also see the certainties on either side, sure, that he is to blame (or that he is innocent).

Nowadays (and you can already close this article if you want to save the whole mystery for the miniseries) Pablo Ibar remains incarcerated. His death sentence was overturned, but after much doubt about the original trial, the case was brought back to court. In 2019 he was found guilty again. He is currently serving a life sentence. However, it’s entirely possible that HBO’s new work will pave the way for more chapters on the case.

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